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Leo New Moon 2020

Leo New Moon 2020

This New Moon period may influence the rest of the year.

By Norma Jean Ream

Summer peaks with the August New Moon at 26 Leo. Time to meet up with your friends and family (at least virtually) to have a good talk about things in general. Catch up on what people are thinking about. Mercury, the messenger is with the Sun and Moon. Mercury’s conjunction with the Sun while direct in motion establishes the beginning of a new cycle for Mercury. It is like a download period when the Sun gets a report. Use this time to take in data, discuss with others, listen to different views in a social setting that allows easy exchange. Leo is the sign of entertainment, socializing, and like an archetypal gathering at the King’s court.

The New Moon/Mercury in Leo offer a theme of leadership. They are the perfect hosts for a summer gathering. They trine Mars and quincunx Saturn and Pluto. This is the perfect position to quell tempers and mediate the heated square Mars is having with the heavies.

The strong and dominant square from Mars to Saturn and Pluto, illustrating the struggle between individual choices versus general rules of control over the masses, will hold its tension through the end of the year. Mars won’t leave Aries until January 7, 2021.

Mars represents how we express what we want, our actions and the skills we develop. Mars in fiery Aries is impulsive, willful, arrogant, loud, and stimulating. Mars usually moves through a sign quickly, having only a two-year cycle around the Sun. This year Mars will stretch out and get comfortable at home for a little over 6 months in Aries. That gives plenty of time for the planet of self-will, motivation, and action to make some plans and remodel the place.  Take the time to learn new skills or prepare for a change of job.

Saturn is in its own Earth sign Capricorn and hosting Jupiter and Pluto. These planets are retrograde, so their influences are continuing to be felt in the repression of general society and commerce. Each of these planets plays an important individual role in the world of business and governments. The time that they spend gathered close marks a period of history-making. The overlapping of their cycles means a period of consolidated changes that are relative to some very-long periods. In fact, Pluto is close to returning to the degree it was at the founding of America.

The stress of the outer planet cluster in 2020 has been difficult, but it may be priming society for even bigger shifts in how we live. So, this Leo New Moon is a time to take advantage of the social atmosphere of late summer and interact with others to get the sense of trends around you.

The Lights contact both Mars and Saturn, creating a structure that is called a Learning Triangle. The theme of the structure is a crisis that causes uncertainty and longing, that develops seeking and then understanding, leading to new decisions formed by gathering information that builds toward the resolution. The result is an informed decision. The aspect structure follows tension—conflict—resolution. It would be good if Congress used this period to find a resolution to the financial crisis of the people.

The New Moon and Mercury are trine to Mars. The Fire sign planets can empower each other with plans of action for the new season ahead. When Mars feels honored, it operates like a good soldier with proper orders and will strive to be a hero for the good of all. Moon and Mercury are good at bending the conversation toward the higher benefit, rather than fan the flames of anger and frustration. If we think of Mars as the Workforce, we can see the desire to be “doing what we do”. People need jobs.

Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto represent energies of the structure of authority and control. Lumped together, they can embody the center of decisions establishing the rules and their enforcement. They take their job seriously and have a great deal of influence. Also, nothing happens very quickly especially during their retrograde phases. Mars is holding its square aspect as it prepares to turn retrograde (Sep.9) which intensifies the tension into early October as the other planets station direct one by one.

This seems like a New Moon period that will make a difference for what happens the rest of the year.

The Hundred Days and the Building Revolution

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Donald Trump, President of USA and Statue of Liberty

Surreal” was the Webster’s Dictionary word of 2016. It is defined as “marked by the intense irrational reality of a dream.” They also give as its synonyms unbelievable and fantastic. [1]

President Trump’s 100th day in office is Saturday, April 30. The Inauguration chart Midheaven was aligned with Trump’s natal Pluto, planet most representing over-arching power and control, as in Dictatorship. In these weeks and months, the political events have continued to be beyond belief in the many ways the new administration represents the theme of ‘power my way’.

The Senate is pretending to save the government from its debt ceiling. Yet, the astrological picture today, April 27, 2017, suggests that we all should be suspicious of what is really going on behind the scenes in this surreal act of political theatrics. Venus, ruler of money and values is very slow of motion, about to return into Aries, but now is at 29 degrees Pisces with the fixed star Sheat, known for association with “ship wrecks, storms and drownings.”[2] Venus’ condition which is threatened, weak, and struggling to stay afloat, suggests financial matters are in a dangerous situation that prompts leadership to “take protective action.”

The Sun is now in Taurus, strongly influenced by Venus’ condition, The Sun is with the fixed star, Hamal, in the Ram’s horn. “It gives a tendency to rush idealistically head long into situations being vain glorious, self-promoting and lacking diplomacy.”[3] This star is related to “violent expressions of hatred, intolerance, attempts to exterminate, annihilate unwanted peoples, massacres, fires, plane crashes.”[4]

The Moon is passing through the territory of the fixed star Algol, known as an evil star associated with beheadings, war, mass murder, violence, assassination, mass disasters, fires, plagues, storms, shipwrecks, mob violence, in short, any event in which many die or are killed brutally.”[5]

This is a time when big events are brewing. There is a provocative energy lurking under the Sun’s beams stirring the potential for war. The news that is tweeted from the President has a design to influence public beliefs. The propaganda is intended to generate fear, anger, and reaction. They call it a Tweet Storm.

Mercury, the messenger is about to complete its retrograde phase and is conjoined with revolutionary Uranus. The message is to stir the revolt. Be aware that the message has dual meanings and may have covert intentions for misleading the public in what to believe. Mercury stations direct on May 3rd. This will be a turning point for the political dialogue. Mercury maintains contact to Uranus through May 13 because, at this point in its cycle it has extremely slow motion. This energy gets people excited and builds tension. It’s the energy of demonstrations, strikes, and civil disobedience, requiring greater public protections, like martial law. Something like the 1970’s when Nixon made war on Cambodia, enacting the Draft. The student protests that followed swept the nation resulting in martial law and increased domestic security. Remember Kent State, May 4, 1970.




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Photo copyright: Karolina Maliszewska

Fall Eclipses and Local Community 2014

Lava sky light

Lava sky light

The Autumn Equinox and the September 24 New Moon, occur 2 days apart and have similar features. This turning point of the year is a marker of progress. We are in a phase of the year that is bringing conclusions on many situations and issues that have been themes in our lives for the whole of 2014.
On the broad world view of things, 2014 has had an undercurrent of violence and turbulence, which has shown itself in different ways. The Tropical Storm in August was one form locally, while the martial law that happened in Ferguson, Missouri was another and the siege on Gaza another still.

There are brewing plans for more airstrikes in Iraq. The change of season promises more military action and the continuation of the over use of force on the global level.
In Puna, our home on Big Island, events have brought people together as community. We have shared issues to work on that affect people equally. It is a time of problem-solving on safety, transportation issues, geothermal and GMO.

Sometimes we will see the tensions build, but it shows us that there are many facets to consider. The struggle is making the people with the money and influences have to give some sense of compassion and concern for the residents whose lives are affected by their decisions.
October is eclipse season again. Along with that comes another Mercury retrograde phase that will add a pulse of focus around communications, decision-making, debate, and commercial ups and downs. We will need more public meetings with officials. There will be a continuation of discussion topics carried over from September that will make us all wonder how the jobs are going to get done without agreement. At times things will get quite dramatic. It is thematic of the times that more things than we know are decided in secret. The underlying factor is money, profit, and special interests.
The Lunar Eclipse October 8 has high tension, as it hooks right into the dramatic outer planet combination that has been the influence of social uprising over the last two years. The local view of this eclipse may concern local political issues. It may also be the struggle of people trying to get assistance from the natural disaster of both storm and lava. It’s always hard to get the different levels of government agencies work together for the people and their needs. We could see demonstrations in Hilo, if there is no better consideration for the economic struggle in our district, and forthcoming action to support need.
The Solar Eclipse occurs on October 23, as the Sun enters Scorpio. Mercury is direct on October 25, and will complete retracing its path until November 8. This time in between is the phase in which decisions finally come to resolution and then action can take place. So, it is going to be a process. Let us hope it doesn’t take so long that there are more losses and expenses that quicker action could have saved, as we go into our rainy season. Collective voices are gaining strength and volume as more people begin to be involved in community efforts. The high side of this period of early fall is community building.

Pre-Election Summer 2014

The peak of summer is the time for many aspects of life to be highly illuminated. Symbolic of the Sun’s reaching its highest declination in the Northern hemisphere the world comes to a place of enhanced visibility on many important topics. In the month of July, 2014, several important astrological changes occur that will give a noticeable shift to some ongoing themes.
The longest astrological dynamic in operation since August 2010 has been the pulsing contacts of planets associated with revolution and uprising and with the overarching power structures stirring in the masses that experience the greatest oppression. As these planets have transited into range of affecting the USA horoscope, the primary topics involve: a. the expanded Presidential powers through the use of widespread global surveillance, b. covert practices of involvement in controlling other governments and economies, and c. the secretive development of super trade agreements that serve the rights of corporations over the protection of the quality of life of people in general.
Specifically, the Trans-Pacific Partnership is currently being developed behind closed doors and in secret from members of Congress, whose responsibility it is to make laws and decisions about economic issues. The TPP is being negotiated by 12 Pacific Rim countries: The United States, Canada, Mexico, Chile, Peru, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Japan and Brunei.
In addition, The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), also known as the Transatlantic Free Trade Agreement (TAFTA) is being negotiated between the United States and the European Union. The European Union consists of 28 member countries.
In reality, these trade agreements are focused on eroding the protection of food and water globally. They support the giant corporations and their international financiers and will set a standard that will weaken national laws in the protection of natural resources in all countries. For more information on this important issues go to
Your president is pushing to have Congress approve this agreement without full disclosure and to have a Fast Track vote, which will eliminate debate and wave the rights of Congress to investigate and evaluate the potential effect of the trade agreements. If passed, it will set the precedence of future world trade agreements.
In this period prior to the Primary Election on August 9, the planetary activities of change include Mars, the planet of action, intention, war, and courage finally leaving the sign of Libra and into its own sign Scorpio on July 26, with the New Moon in Leo. This can initiate more grassroots action of protection.
Jupiter, planet of Justice, truth, and inclusion will enter Leo on July 16 and will be at the heart of the Sun on July 25, just after the Sun enters the sign. This special contact could bring out more revelations of Presidential actions and intentions. This transit occurs in direct opposition to the Sun/Jupiter union at Obama’s first Inauguration in 2009. It represents something coming to fruition from that time of initiating power and action as President.
In addition, this New Moon is conjunct Obama’s natal Mercury, planet of mind, communication, and commercial activities. This transit activity will promote decisions, announcement, and the potential to put pen to paper in an important way. Other indications support international agreements, and likely actions around immigration and deportation of children, which is another current topic.
As this New Moon is important to the election cycle, we should be hearing more about what local candidates are all about. Our elected official decision makers come from our small communities first. This next November Election will put new people in positions to decide very important things that will affect our rights, our health, our environment, and our economy. If we want better protection for these valuable components of life, we need to pay attention to each and every candidate and choose wisely when we cast our ballots.
One more astrological factor that is changing this month is Saturn turning direct, July 20. Saturn is like the local authority in charge of business. It has been in Scorpio, the sign of secrecy since October of 2012. Since that time many things that have happened in the broad strokes of Saturn’s 30 year cycles have come back to the surface. In 1954, the Bilderberg Group was formed. This is a group of the world’s elite in governments, financial moguls, and other Plutocratic positions. They meet in secret and discuss the design of the future of our world. Many events that go back to that time have deep roots, such as the Civil Rights movement.
The next Saturn cycle after that was 1982 during the Reagan Presidency. In this phase, the US backed the destabilization of governments in Chile, and in Iran. There was the Iran-Contra Affair and international arms smuggling. In this current cycle the past comes up and some of it repeats. We have the global surveillance of the world essentially. Our local Police are no longer a part of community for protection, but for militarized control against domestic terrorism, which might mean they can shoot your kids, or you for no good reason.
This next year of Saturn moving through Scorpio could bring another layer of government controls and the erosion of human rights if we remain apathetic to our local, state and national elections. With it now moving direct it will retrace its path that it has crossed since March when it turned retrograde. In this third crossing of the same territory of the zodiac, it will bring conclusions to decisions left open for debate. It will give the people some space to activate against the steamroller of Plutocratic intentions. We still do have the power of the people if we take up our responsibilities as citizens and VOTE.

Revelations from Snowden Open Big Can of Worms

It seemed like a good idea...

It seemed like a good idea…

Governments always have secrets. Many things are “classified” for the country’s good. However, since the 1990’s, executive powers have greatly increased and primarily though secret means. Last June 9, 2013, Edward Snowden exposed the massive spying that our government is doing. There are these various agencies of the government that have, until 2001 remained fairly autonomous and it could be argued that a general lack of knowledge about individual agencies was common outside each agency. There was little to no sharing of intelligence with foreign powers. On August 20, 2002, Attorney General John Ashcroft issued new procedures for allowing the sharing of intelligence between agencies and with other governments.

The process that is unfolding around NSA, CIA, and FBI and their use of spying, detention, and interrogation is threatening to shake up this administration and the last one. I have been writing for months about the revolutionary energies of current astrological patterns and linking the cycles to history. The revolution that formed this country happened during similar long-term planetary alignments. We are essentially in a process of refocusing our society and our government along similar events of our pre-Constitution years. Spying, kidnapping, and torture were widespread through the Colonies in a civil war.

When Diane Feinstein, Chair of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence took a stand and challenged the CIA to stop spying on the Committee members and their staff, it brought out in the open the complicity between current administration and the Bush administration and their “reinterpretation of law” to cover their war crimes.

As we go through the month of April 2014, things could get very intense. The Spring Equinox, March 20, already has a tightening arrangement of four planets facing off in a Grand Cross that fits right on the Sun of the USA chart. The Sun is the representative of a nation’s President or Leader. Saturn represents Congress. Sun and Saturn are tightly in a square aspect, so this transit picture is heating up tensions and bringing more secrets to the surface.

There will be a total Lunar eclipse on April 14, and a Solar Annular eclipse on April 28. In addition, the 5th of 7 squares between Uranus (revolution) and Pluto (overarching powers) is exact on April 21. Jupiter opposes Pluto as it conjuncts the USA Sun. This happened previously in early August 2013. At that time Glenn Greenwald testified to the Senate of Brazil about US spying internationally. This further exposed what the government is doing on a global scale. Jupiter reveals the truth while Pluto is the dominating power. In the stages of this cyclic relationship, we are coming to the most important one in April.

While both Mars and Saturn are retrograde, the factors of military or domestic defense and Congressional powers are in disruptive phases. There can be overreactions and a tendency to suppress dissent. With Mars transiting the USA Saturn representing Congress, there is going to be a fight. As the truth is forced into the open, public reactions could range from civil disobedience to major upset in the next elections.

Players at the highest level of government and corporations will not want the truth known. We are going into a time of power struggles and potentially false flag events to justify domestic controls. Former President Bush and his team must be getting very nervous. The both Lunar and Solar eclipses have strong contacts to GB’s natal chart.

President Obama is in the hot seat with transiting Saturn making its way to his Midheaven (the place of reputation) and will be challenging other points in the area of relationships and open enemies. The Solar Eclipse is square to his Sun, which will shake his place in the world. The remainder of his term of Office will be very challenging to him. Even the Inauguration Chart is coming to life in ways we astrologers may not have understood before. Saturn is aspecting Neptune (illusions and secrets) while Mercury has made 3 passes over it. Thus we have the information that has been concealed. I am sure there is more to come. This is a slow process and governments can delay as long as they want.