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The Finale of 2013

Revolutionary Energies

Revolutionary Energies

The final weeks of 2013 will set the stage for much of 2014. It looks a little harsh in terms of the political and economic trends. We are not likely to see Congress striving to do their best for their constituents. They appear to be heading us into a very harsh and for some, desperate winter.

The revelations of the eclipses continue to expose the depth of government’s secrets. The theme of the planets stacked up in Scorpio is all about secrets, espionage and general dark aspects of control and suppression. Mercury, the messenger, is retracing its path in direct motion now, making it seem like the conversation is dominated by NSA and drone strikes. Drones are a good representation of Mercury in Scorpio, as they are stealth, quick and deadly. You don’t see it coming until it’s too late. Mercury will progress into Sagittarius December 6, which will bring more light to what is going on and bringing recall of last July’s major revelations.

Saturn is traveling in the Sun’s beams through the rest of November and will not be visible again until Thanksgiving. When planets are so near the Sun, it symbolizes secret meetings and plans being made. Saturn in Scorpio has given us the harsher side of government. Saturn is the planet of limitations and restrictions. It is giving more power to secret elements of government, rather than correcting the problem of over-extended powers. This is a trend that will continue into late 2015.

Historically, the last two times that Saturn transited Scorpio, 1954 and 1983, there were very dark and deadly events. The US government backed the over throw of the democratic government of Chili, supporting a dictatorship that massacred thousands. In the USA, there were brutal racial attacks. The first Bilderberg Group meeting was held, setting the president for world political and financial leaders to meet in secret and begin manipulating world markets and governments. In 1983, there was Noriega and the Iran-Contra Affair. This period also brought us the Savings and Loan Scandal and the deregulation of banks and financial activities. Saturn in Scorpio does not bring happiness and prosperity to the common people. Rather, it seems to wedge the differences between ‘the haves and have nots’. It gives further militarization to those who control the masses.

Venus, planet of value, resources, money and love, will be spending the next four months in the sign Capricorn, which is ruled by Saturn. Venus turns retrograde on the Winter Solstice at the last degree of Capricorn. It will then take all of January to retrace its path turning direct January 31. It finally leaves the sign most associated with corporations and big business on March 6. Saturn and Capricorn represent actions like reduction, condensing, and generally “down- sizing.” This holiday time is an opportunity for greater sharing and helping within the community. It’s not likely there will be an increase in jobs or in pay.

Mars has a two year cycle and its retrograde period causes it to spend a full 7 months in one sign. It enters Libra on December 8 and leaves the sign July 27. It turns retrograde March 2 and direct on May 20. While it travels this territory, we can expect turbulence and unrest. Mars is the planet of war, dissension and upheaval. It will be retrograde during the next eclipses, which breeds struggle and opposition. The Winter Solstice chart establishes the beginning of a series of aspects of Mars with Uranus and Pluto. This next year ahead will not be dull and boring. It is clear that the population will be pushing for real changes. It is also clear that there will be a strong force pushing back.

Revelations in the Fall Eclipse Season

Total Eclipse 1995

Total Eclipse 1995

It is now the half-way point of the year seasonally. We have had a very surprising and shocking spring and summer. In some respects it may be that we are just in the middle of a major movement into greater class wars and stronger implementation of mass controls.

Besides this being the Autumn Equinox, we have a pair of eclipses with the next upcoming lunations. The periods of time around eclipses are intensified and we often see important events that can be turning points in the timeline of political dynamics. Eclipses are linked together and in their own series they identify themes that take time to play out. The action of the eclipsing bodies of light allows things to be revealed that are not seen in ordinary light.

The lunar eclipse October 18 and the solar eclipse November 3 have connection with the three eclipses of the spring. That is to say that we can expect more of the same types of events to be revealed. One could say that the major overture of the spring eclipse season has had a lot to do with revelations of how our government is working on a secret and powerful level to establish what can be called an Empire, both domestically and globally.

Looking back to the spring, we had the events in Boston that showed bold evidence of the government’s power to control through martial law. This is relative to the pulsing of the planets of revolution repeating their transits through the stages that brought about the development of our Constitution. It is getting hard to sort out what is patriotic and what is a fight to maintain Democracy. After the Boston event, it wasn’t long until Edward Snowden became the Revealer of Truth that is still opening new revelations of what has been perpetrated in the name of “Security”.

These are dangerous times. It is unusually critical that we be attentive to what is going on at any level of government. The potential for another greater display of domestic security is likely for the beginning of November. Locally, our issues are the takeover of big AG and big Power. These eclipse periods offer us awareness, if we pay attention to the unfolding events. Responding to the issues will take more people being aware and vocal.

There is currently a prelude to a longer conversation about resources versus profits. The topic of Climate Change has broad global reach of influence. I think we might see the interaction between the planets Venus and Mars as being relative to the dynamics of this conversation at an international level. Venus represents values, and the generation of life, health and wealth. Mars represents action, effort, and the dynamics of force, cutting away, and aggression.

These two planets will be at right angles to each other 3 times, September 28, January 16, and March 2. The influence of this is challenge, and perhaps the use of force against demonstrations for preservation of resources. An example of this theme is shown by members of Green Peace, who tried to block the drilling of oil in the fragile Artic, are being charged by the Russian Government with Piracy, an extreme charge against peaceful protesters. On the collective level, this repeated interaction between the planets of love and war will have many faces and many challenges where ever people who love nature stand up to those who use force to usurp resources.

On the personal level, this period of stormy astrological weather will make any discussions and debates more passionate. It will be a difficult time to come to agreements. There is dissonance and contention as a factor of the processes of change and development. What makes it more dramatic is that revolutionary pulse that beats below the surface and fuels a spreading awakening of a need to build a tighter community and to be more attentive to what is happening through big money and politics.

Below is a Solar Maps view showing the November 3 solar eclipse path and the lines of planets located on angles around the planet. The eclipse path is where the eclipse is visible on earth. This one will be seen in central Africa, starting in Somalia and ending to the east of the USA. The places crossed by the eclipse path will see the strongest effects in events. This can include earth-based events such as earthquakes, as well as social-political events.

Obama and End of Summer Transits

The end of August has been a time of great tension, especially in the arena of foreign affairs. As Mars, planet of aggression and war moved into Leo on August 28 the leadership of the United States began posturing for war. The Sun was opposed Neptune giving a murky picture of responsibility of who orchestrated the chemical weapons attack on the people of Syria, and also whether the USA has the “moral” authority to respond. Neptune presents confusion, deception, and also idealism. It is still in aspect with Saturn in Scorpio, which has a reputation of underhanded subversion, spying and death traps. The water element has been the theme of the summer, which many astrologers glorified as presenting this as a time of “enlightenment”. Personally, my take is that this has been a period ripe with cover-ups and deception that are hard to pinpoint the source or the purpose.
The harder structure of astrological aspects dominating the longer period of 2012 to 2015 is the dynamic square between Uranus (revolution, individualism and inventions) to Pluto (overarching power, suppression, and Plutocracy) with the addition of Jupiter in Cancer, contributing the issues of justice, truth, and the principle of expansion. Since the triple eclipses of April and May, many things have been exposed that shake our faith in a democratic America. The first in a series of informational events was disclosure of NSA spying virtually on everyone. This is not fully addressed as yet.
The USA Sun is 13 Cancer. As Jupiter passed through this degree, our president has puffed up in righteous indignation at the crisis in Syria and is ready to find a way into war, with or without proof and legal stance to do so. Jupiter is going to cross through this territory of the USA chart repeating contacts to the Sun 3 times. The first contact has been through the last week of August 2013. The second contact, which will be retrograde the third week of January 2014 and the final contact the fourth week of April. Anything started in late August will have strong repercussions exaggerated in late April next year.
On September 1, Mars will pass over President Obama’s Mercury, planet of thinking, communicating, and decision-making. By September 18, it will cross his Sun. This is a season for him personally to take a strong stand of leadership, but it doesn’t HAVE to be actions of WAR!
Mars in Leo is full of confidence and ego. It can take a hero’s position and save lives, make resolutions of positive action and lead the way for discovery of truth. President Obama’s own natal Mars happens to be conjunct the USA Neptune which is square Mars in the USA horoscope. Our country has a solid history of war for imperialistic purposes and then calling it just and heroic. War for oil still remains the background incentive for actions in the Middle East.
Obama’s support of secrecy, looking the other way on his predecessor’s criminal actions, and shutting down American First Amendment rights don’t look good for his possible next steps in this ramping up to war without Congressional approval.
The seasonal chart of the Autumnal Equinox on September 22 brings the hard aspects of Uranus and Pluto into high focus, and the USA Mars is in an angle of aggression in foreign relations. This could be a dangerous time on domestic soil. The Fire and Air elements give a lot of talk and a lot of aggression. It is not a time to take risks or stir up trouble. If the American people still have any influence on their representatives, it is definitely a time to use it and make our voices heard.

Use this link:
Find Your Senators and Representatives – OpenCongress


Roger Christi and Religious Freedom

Roger Christi is a friend of mine. I have assisted him with astrology for close to 20 years. He is a kind, peaceful and honorable man. He practices religion using cannabis as a sacrament. He worked openly with County officials, the Mayors, and Police Chief for many years, while operating his cannabis ministry in downtown Hilo.

I have followed Roger’s case closely and given the help and support that I can when he and Share, his wife, asked me to help with timing. In the past, we have had some great wins. Other times, there was not much we could with the timing of things. I have hope that Roger will win his case and that it will contribute to changing the laws.

I wanted to share the astrology of Roger and his case. On Monday, July 29, 2013 at 10:30 am there will be a hearing in Honolulu to ask the Judge to allow the Religious Freedom defense. The astrology of this date has the astrologers buzzing with projections and ideas.

Marijuana Prohibition began in 1937 at a time when most people had no idea what it was. It was a plot to create another law to suppress freedom. It took some time and energy to work up the back story that would create the scare and drive support for something that was commonly useful from the time of our earliest settlers. Not all hemp is psychotropic. It is a plant with many valuable uses such as medicine, rich food value, and one of the world’s strongest fibers, used to make sails for massive sailing ships. The seeds are actually very valuable.

The Prohibition came into power at midnight October 1, 1937. Here is the chart:

Marijuana ProhibitionNotice that Mercury is partile conjunct Neptune. I feel that this is relative to the falsehoods and lies that it took to create and pass this law. It also speaks directly to the administration of this so-called “drug”. Mercury is in Phasis, just out of the Sun’s beams, bringing out an important message. But this also lets us understand that a lot happened unseen and behind closed doors prior to the enactment of the law. Mercury trines Jupiter (legislation/truth), which is also cadent and in its Fall. The only positive power in this chart is with Mercury and with Mars, who are both exalted.

Mars is ruler of the MC and the 5th house of recreation. It displays its military tendency from Capricorn and in a very tight square to its ruler Saturn, who is in its Fall. Saturn rules the 7th and 8th houses, and is in the 9th. Thus we have a war against the people and their resources. It was a start to other social controls and even the beliefs and mindset of the people.

Pluto is at the very last few minutes of Cancer in the first house. This is the end of a period of security and protections put in place so the people don’t hurt themselves, doing what they want to. Venus is in its Fall and at the south bending of the nodes. Venus rules the 4th and 11th houses. Venus (values) ruled by cold/dry Mercury with very strong dignity contributes to both the “story” they have to tell and the loss of value to the people. The south bending pushes others beyond their comfort zone, according to Lee Lehman.

The Moon at 28 Leo is opposed to the Moon of the USA chart. The Moon rules the Ascendant and is in the terms of Mars, contributing to the martial-like implementation of the law. The Sun, dispositor of the Moon is in its Fall, and is cadent. The power behind this law is a bit indifferent.

This law really got teeth with the Controlled Substance Act of 1970. Here is that chart:


Leo is rising with the Sun with Mercury in early Scorpio. Mercury is just out of Cazimi, making it combust. Mercury rules Moon and Pluto who are only 10’ of orb separating. That provides the ruthless power and the build-up of many policing agencies to support the efforts to control and suppress access to and the use of marijuana. A lot of big money is made through these efforts.

Then, we find Mars in it Fall again, and applying to conjunct Uranus. Mars is the dispositor of 5 planets in this chart! With Mercury as part of this group, we have a combination of strategic planning and even entrapment. Venus is retrograde and in detriment, and is the ruler of the MC. It closely opposes Saturn, also retrograde. Saturn rules the 6th and 7th houses.

Jupiter is ruler of houses 5 and 8 and is in a T-square opposed to Saturn and square the Ascendant. Saturn limits and restricts, right? Jupiter is very suppressed and this has probably contributed to how long this unfair, and repressive restriction of marijuana for personal and recreational use has filled our prisons with people who simply want to smoke pot.

Are the current transits potent enough to end these laws and restrictions? Saturn just stationed direct on the Sun/Mercury of this chart and is just entering the 4th. The Pluto/Uranus square is active to Uranus of this chart.  These energies could influence changes. Saturn reaches Jupiter in early November and Uranus will be back on the MC of the Prohibition chart. Mars will cross the Neptune/Mercury of the CSA. Pluto will be at the Mars/Jupiter midpoint from the end of September to the end of November. This seems like a good deal of potent change energy.

Roger Christi

Now, let me introduce Roger Christi, who is actually being held as a political prisoner. He has been held without bail or trial since his arrest July 8, 2010. You can read all about him and his story here:

Here is Roger’s chart:




His strong Air element is a testimony to his orientation to educate, inform, and to bring people together. He has run for Mayor twice on the Big Island. This gave him an opportunity to bring cannabis into the conversation openly. His Aquarius Moon is conjunct the Moon of the USA chart. His MC is near the USA Ascendant. His Sun is conjunct the USA Mars, with Mercury conjunct USA Uranus. He obviously challenges the system. He was a conscientious objector to the war.

Roger tells the background story of his arrest and why he believes the government his holding him with such heavy restrictions. He has been denied bail 5 times. You can get more of his story on his blog.





Here is the arrest chart:

Roger Christi arrest


This chart is about to be heavily activated with the transits on Monday. Saturn at 29 Virgo is conjunct the Moon/Pluto of the CSA chart. Uranus and Jupiter are opposed to Saturn, but out of sign. The Moon is conjunct Roger’s Mars. He was giving away Marijuana to the homeless in downtown Hilo. He was helping people who might otherwise be finding something much more dangerous. There is a hearing on Monday, July 29, 2013 where Roger will apply to have the Religious Freedom Act used in his defense. Here is the chart for the hearing:







Here is the Bi-wheel for Roger and the hearing:


The trail has been pushed back many times. It is currently set for October 8, 2013. Mercury and Saturn are partile conjunct in the 12th. They are at the degree of the November 3 eclipse. Mercury rules the Midheaven (the Judge) and Saturn rules the 2nd and 3rd. Mercury and Saturn trine Chiron at the IC. We don’t know if this is actually going to be the trial, I won’t project much on this.

I wish them all the best and hope for the end result to be the repeal of the Marijuana Prohibition and the re-defining of the Controlled Substance Act.



Summer of Love and Secrets

The treniStock_000009438723_ExtraSmallds of the summer months bring our attention to comfort, security, and family. While there is no doubt big things are happening in the greater world, our personal lives can still find love, joy, and togetherness. Sometimes hard events can bring people together in a stronger bond.

Jupiter, the big red planet, has just made its annual meeting with the Sun, but this time was different as it occurred in a portion of the sky where they meet only once every 83 years. This denotes very important times and historically, brings out major changes over the following Jupiter cycle of 12 years. Jupiter’s theme is “the dissemination of information on a broad scale.” It brings new leaders and important voices to the forefront during times of dramatic change.

The world witnessed this energy as the story of Edward Snowden broke open. His actions fit the theme of the Uranus square to Pluto that was exact on May 20, the day Snowden left Hawaii for Hong Kong. This was also relative to the series of eclipses we had April 25, May 9, and May 25. Many White House scandals have been exposed through these recent weeks and we can expect more scum to rise to the surface as more documents are publicly released.

The Summer Solstice on June 21 featured a Grand Trine in Water signs, meaning that planets in close degree points in the three water signs create a harmonious relationship of cooperation, ease, and even love. Jupiter joins the party on June 26, just as Mercury decides to stay a little longer and turns retrograde. Mercury will retrace its steps until July 20. By that time Jupiter is in tight connection to Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces. Mars will enter Cancer on July 14, staying until the end of August. While, we think about this as a lovely relationship, the planets involved and the signs represented can so easily conceal the truth, and allow the sleight of hand to trick us. Mars contributes war-like tactics provided for “security.”

Another factor of the prominence of water element is going to be seen in weather. With the Sun’s entrance into Cancer came major rains and flooding in central Canada. It was an overwhelming disaster. We can also expect a stormy summer in Hawaii.

All through this spring there have been a cluster of planets traveling with the Sun. This is representing important councils, secret meetings, closed door discussions and decisions. Mars was particularly tight with Sun since mid-February. It just comes out of the Sun’s rays on the Solstice. This is the time when the secrets come out.

Mars returns to its place in the USA chart on July 1. This is the close of a two year cycle of action. Mars enters Cancer July 15. We should notice a real change in the tone of things. Mars has less potency in Cancer, but it also can contribute to covert activities. It will conjunct with the USA Sun August 3. There is a bit of action at this time with Jupiter opposing Pluto. This is powerful “stand-off” energies. Pluto is being acted out by the Banks and Big Corporate controls. Jupiter represents the courts. The Sun represents the President and Mars is an activator to this convergence of energy. Monsanto comes to mind as a possible source of problems and a call to activism.

Jupiter is soon to return to its place in the USA chart, which occurs every 12 years. Cancer is the sign of home and family and with that generally includes the idea of security. In 2001, events set the increase and expansion of security measures in motion in ways we haven’t fully been aware of. This new cycle has the added feature of the Uranus-Pluto disrupters. As they become tighter in relation to the National Sun, they bring the increased dynamics of an over-arching control factor. This is exact April 24, 2014. I expect that we will be facing an increase in protection as the summer heats up and people take to the streets.

Uranus is the energy of revolution and a call for change. It is energetically pulsing against Pluto and the power of dominance, control, enforcement, and suppression. The long process began in 1967 when the two planets started their current cycle of interaction. This is now the first quarter point that shows us now what is emerging in the greater consciousness. Then, it was civil rights, and maybe that fight is really not over yet. Women’s rights are still on the firing line. Human rights are a global issue. The next 30 days are going to bubble with many emotional topics, especially mid-month. It is a good time to connect with family and in community. The month of August will be more intense in the issues of freedom versus security.