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The Tempest of Spring 2013

Abstract fiery lightningIn the last article, Astrology for April and May 2013, the focus was the eclipse series and how these might influence the leader of North Korea, Kim Jon Un. There have been many intense events in the United States in this time, so this article will focus on domestic influences.

The Boston Marathon Bombing and the subsequent killing and capture of the alleged perpetrators of the bombing occurred just a few days before the Eclipse, on April 15 through 20.  The Texas Fertilizer Plant explosion happened April 17, in a small town named West, near Waco. In Monrovia, CA, there was a massive wild fire that burned 175 acres of rolling hills on April 20. There were many stories of fires just at the time that Mars was joining with the Sun in Aries and carrying into the sign, Taurus.

All three eclipses have Mars, the planet of guns, bombs, fires, and military action in close range to the Sun. The Boston events were a horrifying display of these astrological energies being played out. In some respects, it is worrying to also see the exposure of the growing militarized response in domestic Police actions. Eclipses expose what we normally do not see. And, when planets are traveling for a long time under the Sun’s rays, it is sure that there are things going on unbeknownst to the general population in the style of that planet.

It is now half way between the Solar Eclipse on May 9 and the final Lunar Eclipse on May 25. Many events are being revealed / exposed. The White House is becoming increasingly defensive and controlling. The major slow planet aspects are tightening up in their relationships, driving power-plays. The Justice Department impounds phone records from the Associated Press. The Navy successful launches even larger Drones with farther reach and more capacity to destroy in stealth and sovereignty from Navy aircraft carriers.

The planet Jupiter is now conjunct with the USA Mars. This is Jupiter in its detriment, which means that it can over exaggerate the things it signifies, such as Justice, Law, and Honor. Planets in detriment can have negative strength and over compensate. Mars is also in its detriment in Taurus since April 21 until June 1. Mars will remain under the Sun’s beams until June 22. Jupiter will come into the Sun’s rays on May 31. We are going to see more actions from the government as they try to suppress information, and silence truth.

The long-range Pluto-Uranus square has another exact contact on May 20, the day the Sun moves to Gemini. The contrast of over-arching expressions of power in response to any small level of civil disobedience is becoming dangerous. Very minor infractions can now be exaggerated. We hear references to the 1917 Espionage Act being touted in response to citizens speaking out against bad things that they see and document. It is pretty easy these days to be arrested for what you might have seen as the right to organize and the right to free speech, and the right to assemble. In a year from now, the Pluto-Uranus aspect comes into direct contact with the USA Sun and Saturn. Jupiter and Mars will also be involved in a four-way aspect. It looks like a major military takeover of domestic security.

President Obama will be affected by the final eclipse, which will have the Sun on his Moon, and Neptune (deception) will be square. Uranus trines his Sun, and Jupiter will square his Mars. These influences might be stirring up trouble in his private life, but they are definitely a problem for his administration of government. There are several scandals rising up now and June will show us more of what has been brewing through these last two months. Don’t expect milder events until we weather more storms in this hot and steamy display of extreme planetary activities. It is a history making time.

Astrology for April and May 2013

The New Moon on April 10, 2013 is spicy time. The Sun and Moon meet up in the spring sign of Aries joining with the passion duo, Venus and Mars. That makes this time a period of renewal and fresh starts. Venus is the planet of values, beauty and good will. Mars provides the impetus to act, participate and make things happen. This lunar phase is especially potent with the energy of dynamic action. It is a great time to initiate new activities.

On the world scene, the saber rattling from North Korea is a strong concern. On March 26, Kim Jong-un declared war with the USA. He has since started posturing for building up troop readiness. While the US news sources play it down, the astrology of the matter is very interesting. The upcoming eclipse season could trigger Kim Jong-un’s growing demonstrations of power to escalate into an incident. The young dictator is getting some direct astrological contacts to his nativity that mirror contacts to the chart of North Korea. This is only one of many challenging situations stirring under these potent transit patterns.

The synodic cycle of the planets is measured in relationship to the Sun. Venus and Mars are beginning new cycles together. The New Moon April 10 has Venus and Mars conjunct the Sun and Moon. The Sun-Mars conjunction on April 18 will likely mark a crisis of international relations. Venus will remain under the Sun’s beams until June 6, and Mars until June 22. We could look at this Aries New Moon as a seed period for these two cycles. They strongly contribute to decision making at the highest levels of power. When planets are under the Sun’s beams it is a time of closed-door meetings and negotiations. Plans are being staged. June is when more will be revealed.

The eclipses are a pattern of three: Lunar, Solar, and Lunar. The first lunar eclipse is April 25 and falls near the degree of North Korea’s Mars and Kim Jong-un’s natal Saturn and Moon in Scorpio. This time could be touchy. The young dictator has some ruthless features to his nativity and may be feeling the need to show off. Eclipses are triggers.

The second eclipse is solar and with the planets still near the Sun, they will oppose Saturn, which is another transit that can bring crisis energy. Oppositions are a fight. They are contentious and this set up is a big face off of strong forces.

The third eclipse is the lunar in Sagittarius, with the Sun in Gemini. Venus, Mercury, and Jupiter are all clustered in late Gemini. This lunation is across the horizon line of the North Korea chart. This could be a time when the people of North Korea suffer. This situation could be a mild bluster of power, or it could actually erupt into open conflict. The North Korean leader is unstable, young, and has a power trip.

To add to this theme of ending old cycles and beginning new ones, Jupiter will join with the Sun June 20. The Sun absorbs Jupiter into its rays June 1. So the group of planets joined will also begin new cycles in relation to each other. The Sun/Jupiter cycle has a historical relationship to peace-making efforts, cease-fires, and treaties. So, perhaps if an altercation starts with North Korea, it may not be long-lasting.

2013 The Emerging Future

By Norma Jean Ream

These are historic times…and I don’t think it’s the end of the world. However, it is very much a period that links similar events with two other great periods of Western Civilization. It is the very slowest of our known planets that have an association with shifting times.

The 1520’s and the 1760’s were both times where the greater powers had become so expanded that they were greatly over reaching the balance of the collective ideals. The first period is during the Renaissance, when the Roman Catholic Church had begun selling indulgences. Martin Luther’s actions initiated the Protestant Movement, breaking down the overarching power of the Church.

In this time was also the Reign of Henry the VIII, who challenged the power of the Church, initiating the foundations of secular government. Nostradamus was visioning the future. Magellan was sailing the Pacific Ocean for the first time, expanding the boundaries of the known world.

The 1760’s were the pre-Constitutional years. The issues then were all about taxes, commerce, and overarching military control of the Colonist. The Boston Tea Party was December 16, 1774. The Colonist enacted a wide-spread boycott of Imperial imports and after a few years the export to import ratio was over £800,000.

So, one way to look at our current time and into the next two years is that we are moving toward a revolution of sorts that will certainly challenge us. It will also challenge all that has become TOO BIG. Because in these past historic times mentioned, the patterns brought around “NEW RULES” and new visions for the future.

These are the times that ignite changes that later become part of the accepted cultural landscape. Just like the Civil Rights movement of the 1960’s. This is another period that serves as an indicator of current times, as we are in a cyclic period of change relative to 1964-65 as a beginning point in our struggles. The events now are more important than any one group or special interest. When single groups fight for their exclusive rights, they eventually become incorporated in the current dictates through concession and nothing really changes in the larger picture. The change now has got to be the enactment for the good that serve everyone.

President Obama’s second Inauguration brings out more of the challenge against the people that we have seen growing in the last two years. The people will need to come out in full force to meet the suppression that is being set up to contain us.

The spring tax season is going to be one of the year’s first big challenges. It may not be just around taxes and tax codes, but also about the workers of America. The initiation of Michigan’s “Right to Work” bill, along with already 11 other States is really something to be concerned about.

The period from the Winter Solstice to the Spring Equinox has influences that tend to bring out the harshest treatment when powers of FORCE are called out. We are likely to see more demonstrations and new aspects of civil disobedience. The Occupy Movement will morph into the defense of Democracy wherever it is necessary. The corporate takeover of America has already happened.

The Eclipse season in the spring brings us a Lunar Eclipse, a Solar Eclipse and a Lunar Eclipse. Each event involves a certain level of violence, with the third one having more a resolution to issues coming forward. The activations to the USA chart bring up a focus of military and domestic “protection.” This takes us into summer with a lot of the usual posturing about “Homeland Security,” which I hope does not turn out to be the beginning of Martial Law in some urban areas. The first of August will bring issues up that may challenge the Constitution. The Full Moon around August 21 is a swell of combative energies that could bring a Presidential dictate.

Early September will bring something to a close; a process that is just beginning to start in early January. The 9 month gestation period suggests that the events of the year center between Inauguration Day and Labor Day, with a lot of increasing Presidential power over the period and really extending into 2014, swelling into April as a major event.

The events ahead for 2013 are not the times we always hope are coming, unless you are one who wishes for anarchy. What we can do is build community and take care of each other. We can become strong in taking care of ourselves, like Occupy Sandy did Long Island, NY.

What are coming are a new economy and a new way to create local prosperity. What we shed is our extreme independence so that we can come together to build a future that allows the collective vision to emerge through our participation together.

Hydraulic Fracking: Next Investment Goldmine or Civil Rights Issue?

Today I viewed a video produced by an investment newsletter that promoted the process of “fracking” and the development of shale oil or “tight gas” as the next energy revolution that will bring the next powerful wave of prosperity to America. The author declared a convergence of three important factors: “discovery, technology, and demand.” He said these factors are present in the current trend about to take full flight in May 2012.

Last March, President Obama gave a speech at Georgetown University on America’s Energy Security. Within that speech, he spoke about the importance of developing natural gas. He said:   Read More »

President Obama and the State of the Union 2012

The President will give his State of the Union address tonight, January 24, 2012. There are some interesting connections between the current planetary positions and contact to points in the 2009 Inauguration chart. We can also observe the relationship of both these charts to the national chart.

First, the Inauguration chart contained features that many astrologers had concerns about, but in the beginning, we were unsure how things would manifest. One important point was Mercury, planet of communications, decisions, and oaths, was retrograde in the very heart of the Sun. Jupiter was also there. Mercury and Jupiter had influence over financial matters. As it happened, the President had problems in taking the oath of office and had to “redo” the oath. This is very significant. The later results that have manifested leave us wondering over the President’s allegiance to the people, or to the corporate powers.   Read More »