Consultation Services

Norma Jean uses Astrology as a tool for personal exploration and practical timing. A private session takes one through the Birth Chart as a map of personality dynamics. Talents, needs, important drives are discussed in a practical manner. The foundation of personal trends is laid before delving into current issues and challenges.

A discussion of one’s current reality is defined by the blending of one’s individual nature with the possibilities presented by current planetary pictures. Each client is empowered to explore their personal choices with the supportive knowledge of specific time periods highlighted for optimal personal benefit.

If you do not have a known birth time, Norma Jean can rectify your time from life events. This is a process of matching events with astrological influences to resolve the birth time. This is important for accuracy in predicting future events. This process often takes research time and is charged according to difficulty. Good event dates greatly improve this process.

Personal Astrological Consultation

The purpose of a personal consultation is multi-faceted. The self reflection serves to anchor empowerment in decision making. Using your natal chart as the framework of your life, your strengths and weaknesses are discussed as relative to how you are experiencing life in this moment. You are given tools to take your life into your own hands. Problem issues are brought to light in a way that helps you make new goals with realistic purpose.

Norma Jean uses several tools for giving guidance on future prospects. Your place in current cycle phases are defined in a useful way that supports your choices through the period of time ahead.

90 minute Personal Astrological Consultation:$175

Personal Updates or Transition Support

Sometimes clients need to review the prospects of the more immediate time period. A shorter session with a more specific focus is offered to clients who have previously had a complete 90 minute session. These sessions can be useful for personal coaching on issues of change and transition. *Prior agreement required.

30 minute update: $75

60 minute update: $125

Relationships and Astrological Compatibility

Astrology is a useful tool for understanding the personality dynamics that both attract and irritate in relationships. The first level of understanding compatibility is the individual relating style that each person brings to their relationships. This style is identified in the individual charts first.

A comparison of individual styles will give insight to how any relationship works. Often the struggles between intimate couples comes from a lack of understanding of unspoken expectations. Astrology helps to identify the quality of interactions at various levels of relating. This can help to resolve issues and pave the way to healthy and happy relationships.

It is never the astrologer’s job to say whether or not two people should be together. The Law of Attraction works first in our lives to bring people together to work on mutual life lessons. An astrological view of the relationship will speak to compatibility in specific areas like values, communication styles, will power, basic personal needs and emotional expressions. Astrology will illustrate the quality of the relationship, so that you can work to enhance your personal interaction.

All types of relationships are worthy of astrological exploration.

  • Intimate love relationships can be strengthened.
  • Parents can better understand and guide their children.
  • Business partners and co-workers can gain understanding of the best use of skills within a business relationship.
  • Any relationship worth working on will benefit from an astrological review
  • Ask about group or family discounts

90 minute session working with two charts $275

for each additional person add $75

Choosing Best Times for Action (Electional Astrology)

One very useful way to take advantage of astrology is in planning events that make an important impact on our lives. Events such as marriage, buying property, starting a business, or signing important contracts can benefit form astrological consideration. Classical astrology, particularly that practiced in the middle ages, has specific rules for creating success by choosing appropriate times.

There is no “perfect” time. We are often working with the best of what is happening in current time. In this way we can at least minimize problems that otherwise might be more pronounced without this support. This type of service can take more research time than other services. Much of the research of the year’s activity is done ahead in a general way that allows the refinement for specific dates to be done in only 1 to 2 hours. The fee is $75 per hour plus consultation time.

Electional Services $75 per hour of research

Answering Questions (Horary Astrology)

From the Medieval period, astrology was used to answer important questions. The rules are very similar to those used in Electional astrology. Some basic things must be said about this work.

First, the person asking the question must have a real need to know the answer. A chart is created for the time the question is asked, or from the time the astrologer understands the question.

Secondly, the question cannot be asked more than once. This means once the question is put forward, you can’t come back for a different answer at another time.

The rules for this type of astrology are very specific which makes this a straight forward kind of work that takes little or no research

Horary Question $50