The Full Moon, March 19, occurs in the last degree of Virgo, with the Sun completing its annual circuit and preparing to enter Aries. The Moon is at its nearest approach to the Earth, which increases its visible size and the tidal pull is stronger. The potential for disturbances is very strong.

The end of any sign is difficult and the focus of this lunation is across changeable signs. The feeling we get is of overwhelm and chaos, perhaps futility. Yet, it also presents us with eminent change. The changes come from unstable situations that may be reactive rather than planned and executed.

The Sun will enter the active fire sign Aries, initiating the spring season, and the energy of new beginnings. We have three other planets that have already entered Aries recently. Uranus, planet of revolutions, break-through ideas, ingenious inventions and creative innovations made this shift on March 11; a day of major disaster in Japan. Uranus also rules uranium, technology, and erratic behaviors, causing people to take actions they feel compelled to take. Uranus will travel through Aries until March 2019.

The Sun joining up with Uranus can symbolize a big social revolution that at its core has the urge for freedom, fairness, and equality. Things can happen in a flash with Aries. Aries energy is very aggressive and things can “heat up” fast. It is a sign associated with war, and with individualized drives.

The two planets ahead in Aries are Mercury and Jupiter. Mercury and Jupiter, which together represent communication, the spread or dissemination of ideas, and higher knowledge. We can see them together as “deal makers.” They are the planets of debate, contestation, exaggeration, and negotiations.

Mercury and Jupiter can feed the excitement of a crowd, get people shouting in unison, and help to spread enthusiasm, excitement, and urgency. They are facing off across the wheel with Saturn, the planet of authority, discipline and responsibility. We think of Saturn as administrator, government, the energy of enforcement of the laws and rules.

What is interesting is that Mars, the planet that rules Aries, is in Pisces. This makes action indecisive, wavering, wanting to please rather than impose its will. It is a bit impotent and is also hidden by the rays of the Sun. This symbolizes something going on in secret, and unbeknownst. Mars is also without connections to other planets, contributing to its weak, ineffective, actions. This explains why it is more difficult to get to the point or solve problems.

If we apply this current snapshot of the planets to any number of situations going on in the world, we can see that there are plans, or at least discussions that have not found the clear intention or goal.

In Libya, Col. Gaddafi called a cease-fire after the UN voted to take military action against him. Gaddafi has been extremely hostile to his own people over the prior week since Uranus entered Aries. He has stubbornly dug in and refused to step down. His own horoscope has a line-up of planets surrounding his Sun, successfully giving him advisors, bodyguards, and supporting entourage, who protect and empower him.

Gaddafi behaves as ‘a law unto himself’, with an elitist attitude of entitlement. This March 19 Full Moon and the Spring Equinox on March 20 will make important contacts to Gaddafi’s horoscope. He has been showing erratic behavior and seems to intimate that he will not be controlled. Yet, I think his fortitude may fail him. As the Sun leaves the last degree of Pisces, it challenges Gaddafi’s inflated view of himself and his influence over his people. He may be preparing to negotiate and save what he can for himself and family.

The peak of the Full Moon occurs in Tripoli at 8:10 pm on Saturday. The imagery suggests a bloody conflict with outside forces. The fixed star known as the widow maker is rising. The Sun has set and the Moon has risen. The Sun represents the leader, king, or president. The Moon represents the people of the country. The Sun is setting into the exile place, while the Moon is coming to dominance over the night.

There are interesting cyclic relationships between the current combination of Uranus, Jupiter and Mercury and the same three planets in Libya’s Republic chart of 1969, when Gaddafi made his power grab. There is a strong potential for Gaddafi’s overthrow now. We may be seeing the last acts of his dictatorial rulership.

The Full Moon is on a fixed star called Zavijava, known for wartime cruelty, brutality, eruptions and things that come up from underground. We saw this star activated last spring as Saturn moved over it and we saw the BP oil spill. This looks like a very dramatic weekend.