Astrology for April and May 2013

The New Moon on April 10, 2013 is spicy time. The Sun and Moon meet up in the spring sign of Aries joining with the passion duo, Venus and Mars. That makes this time a period of renewal and fresh starts. Venus is the planet of values, beauty and good will. Mars provides the impetus to act, participate and make things happen. This lunar phase is especially potent with the energy of dynamic action. It is a great time to initiate new activities.

On the world scene, the saber rattling from North Korea is a strong concern. On March 26, Kim Jong-un declared war with the USA. He has since started posturing for building up troop readiness. While the US news sources play it down, the astrology of the matter is very interesting. The upcoming eclipse season could trigger Kim Jong-un’s growing demonstrations of power to escalate into an incident. The young dictator is getting some direct astrological contacts to his nativity that mirror contacts to the chart of North Korea. This is only one of many challenging situations stirring under these potent transit patterns.

The synodic cycle of the planets is measured in relationship to the Sun. Venus and Mars are beginning new cycles together. The New Moon April 10 has Venus and Mars conjunct the Sun and Moon. The Sun-Mars conjunction on April 18 will likely mark a crisis of international relations. Venus will remain under the Sun’s beams until June 6, and Mars until June 22. We could look at this Aries New Moon as a seed period for these two cycles. They strongly contribute to decision making at the highest levels of power. When planets are under the Sun’s beams it is a time of closed-door meetings and negotiations. Plans are being staged. June is when more will be revealed.

The eclipses are a pattern of three: Lunar, Solar, and Lunar. The first lunar eclipse is April 25 and falls near the degree of North Korea’s Mars and Kim Jong-un’s natal Saturn and Moon in Scorpio. This time could be touchy. The young dictator has some ruthless features to his nativity and may be feeling the need to show off. Eclipses are triggers.

The second eclipse is solar and with the planets still near the Sun, they will oppose Saturn, which is another transit that can bring crisis energy. Oppositions are a fight. They are contentious and this set up is a big face off of strong forces.

The third eclipse is the lunar in Sagittarius, with the Sun in Gemini. Venus, Mercury, and Jupiter are all clustered in late Gemini. This lunation is across the horizon line of the North Korea chart. This could be a time when the people of North Korea suffer. This situation could be a mild bluster of power, or it could actually erupt into open conflict. The North Korean leader is unstable, young, and has a power trip.

To add to this theme of ending old cycles and beginning new ones, Jupiter will join with the Sun June 20. The Sun absorbs Jupiter into its rays June 1. So the group of planets joined will also begin new cycles in relation to each other. The Sun/Jupiter cycle has a historical relationship to peace-making efforts, cease-fires, and treaties. So, perhaps if an altercation starts with North Korea, it may not be long-lasting.