2010 Tucson Gem Show Stars

My dear friends Robert Simmons and Kathy Warner, owners of Heaven and Earth Jewelry are regulars at the Tucson Gem Show. I had the opportunity to work with them a few years in Tucson. This little bit about the astrological influences at the start of the show this year is dedicated to them and all the great people who make the show a Cadillac experience.

The official opening of the show was 9:00 am on January 30. The Tucson Gem Show is a long running event that brings together many of the same people year after year. The bonding and camaraderie is the thing most people look forward to in this annual celebration of rocks.

The astrology of the shows opening gives a good picture of the group energy behind the scenes. The public is important to the overall prosperity of the show. Yet, the vendors and their staff have a great scene that makes all the hard work of the three-week show worth doing every year.

While the economy is down, it may seem that everyone is looking harder for that great deal. People are going to spend their money on things that have unique qualities and lasting value. Jewelry with powers to protect, energize or heal will get special attention.

In the atmosphere of multitudes of people in an almost continuous movement, small moments of connectivity will be connecting people in a most magical way this year. The reason is that we are more sensitive to the emanations we receive from crossing paths with people of like vibration. New alliances are another theme of this show. People are intuitively responding to the urge to come together as a conscious force.

There is joyousness in the commingling of so many people from diverse places. The excitement is growing for the empowerment of conscious people to be awake against power forces at the collective level. Conversations will connect many people who will work together bridging diversity and bonding for the common good.

The Tucson Gem Show 2010 is a great social experience. While wandering and looking, be alert to those around you. Communities are blooming and this is a wonderful opportunity to further positive connections of people who participate in the strengthening the new vibration.