Changes Ahead Initiated in September

The turning of the season brings us around to the close of some cyclic combinations of energies that began this time last year and had dramatic affects on the economy around the world. There is also the introduction to a shifting of energies that will take on the new relevance in the drama of the world at large in the coming year.

If you recall, it was the second week of September last year when the banks began to fail, followed by the automakers. In mid-October with Mercury retrograde, congress pushed through a rushed “bail-out” and started the practice of national economic support for big corporations. This year will continue the panicky decision-making by lawmakers who are trying to maintain “business as usual.” However, the end of the favoritism of big corporations is coming. The trickle-down of aid to Main Street has not yet been dispersed, and jobs are continuing to be eliminated.

There is growing tension and polarity at all levels, from international relationships, political ideologies, business management versus labor, and down to the personal “self-other” relationships. Dissatisfaction and frustration have discussions blown out of proportion. The month of September is dotted every few days with some factor that will keep things stewing. The key factor at the root is the third contact of the important 45-year cyclic opposition between Saturn (order, structure, and status quo) and Uranus (freedom, revolution and unexpected sudden changes.) These two important planets have a long history of relevance to major social and political events. They met in opposition last in 1965-67. They came together in joining in 1988. This is again the full moon phase of their cycle. They are moving toward their final contact in August 2010, when they will also make a major challenging contact with Pluto (power, transformation, and the masses.) This important time is called the Cardinal Climax, because these slow outer planets will be connecting at the beginning of Cardinal signs, the signs of the Equinoxes and Solstices. Historically, this axis brings major changes that affect all people. This Autumn Equinox is the amping up of these energies as the faster moving planets energize the Cardinal axis and trigger the heavier energies.

In our most recent history, 1931 was the year these planets created a similar powerful interaction in Cardinal signs. There was the depression, when people were in extremely hard circumstances and the world was shifting in ideologies. Life over the next ten years was full of examples of the breakdown of security and prosperity for the masses. This led to the Saturn-Uranus joining in 1942 and World War II. The opposition in the mid-60’s included Pluto joined with Uranus, and this is our most recent striking period of social, political, and economic change in the modern era.

What do we see starting to emerge in this current pattern? Well, we are quickly seeing the divide between the corporate wealthy and the general labor force. The heated falsified drama drummed up by the Pharmaceutical corps and the Oil corps are two good examples of the polarity between those who resist change (and loss of their hold on wealth) and the obvious need for change to benefit the larger masses of everyday people.

We may see the renewed discussion of “bail outs” and with Mercury retrograde from September 7 to 29; the issues are likely to give attention to last year’s decisions by congress. Power struggles and more back room trash are due to come out during the middle of the month. The new moon on the 18th is especially dramatic. The days surrounding the lunation have several strong planetary patterns taking us right into the Equinox on the 22nd that has Saturn and Mercury joined with the Sun and Moon, all opposing Uranus. There could be revolution in the air when we overlay this pattern on the USA chart. Things are going to become more dramatic through the end of 2009.

As individuals, we need to try to stabilize our lives as much as we can. This may be difficult for some as the energies are quite a lot about upheaval and change. Yet, we may need change to find stability. We might have to let go of long held ideas about how our lives work, if things are not working. Each generational group will be feeling this collective process differently. Those people born in the ‘60’s are experiencing the midlife crisis, while the Baby Boomers are facing choices of retirement or career change. A very large segment of the population is feeling challenged by the shifts that are initiating in this month of September.

We do live each day, one at a time. This month will bring attention to reviewing and reorganizing our lives. The larger cycles are already pushing the edges of every decision we make. The high side of Mercury retrograde is the potential to finish old business, reconnect with family and friends, and clear out clutter to recycle. This will help us make the best of changing times.