World tensions are ramped up this Summer with high voltage astrological event that occurred last in May 1855, that is the combination of Mars/North Node/Uranus conjunction in Taurus, spiking up the energies of independence, rebellion and pushing limits of territory and authority.

Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, is advancing her stance of power and influence on today’s world stage by facing off in the multi-factored situation of support for Taiwan’s Independence as she is boldly standing up to China’s threats.

Symbolically, Mars, Individual Will meets Uranus, the Resolve of Independent Action, and the North Node, symbol of eclipse power surge of increase, the collective receives a powerful directive of evolutionary drives. This occurs in the period of the second Pluto Return of the United States, exciting the Archetypal dynamics of the times we are in.

Pelosi has a perspective on the world theater that people like you and I cannot appreciate. She lives in a world of extreme wealth and privilege. She stated the reason for her trip was “that Congress needed to participate in the Asian arena and all the economic and security issues that are at stake.”

Pelosi has an Aries Sun conjunct Dwarf planet Eris, “the free-spirited provocateur, who likes to play the role of warrior for peace, while knowing her actions will be disruptive.”[i]

Pelosi’s Sun is the chart ruler of her Leo Ascendant with Pluto rising at 0 Leo. At an astrology conference in 1986, the late Noel Tyl described Pluto at the Ascendant as, “a hand grenade under a blanket”.  This softens the intimidating qualities and heightens the influence of one’s presence and all that it can mean in a world of politics.

Nancy Pelosi has developed a powerful career through her attractive, strong, subtle “nudge-of-the-elbow” style and presence. Aries Sun people are natural leaders but may not care if no one is following. Add the provocative, chin-out Eris quality of reacting to injustice, and we can see how Pelosi believes that she stands and speaks out for democratic political action. She points to Taiwan to lead the Asian nations by example in their quest for independence from China.

Pelosi’s natal Mars is in a triple conjunction with Uranus and Venus in her career 10th house, with Saturn, planet of rules and authority at 0 Taurus squaring Pluto and the Ascendant. It is her style to firmly go ahead with her own plans, and no one is going to stop her. Matriarch of Congress, Pelosi is serving her fourth term as Speaker of the House and currently campaigning for re-election. She appears to feel Invincible in her trip to visit Asia, despite China’s explicit warning against her travel to Taiwan, suggesting they will follow up threats of aggressive action. They have made a display of readiness and military might, even as the US plane headed that direction. Taiwan will have to stay strong in her wake.

Eris-Sun people are willing to put their life on the line to face up to powerful forces and people. Nancy Pelosi, in Eris in Aries style, “makes her own rules to the game.”[ii]

[i] Shapiro, Amy, M. ED., Inviting Eris to The Party, ©2014, pg.11

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