Fall Eclipses and Local Community 2014

Lava sky light

Lava sky light

The Autumn Equinox and the September 24 New Moon, occur 2 days apart and have similar features. This turning point of the year is a marker of progress. We are in a phase of the year that is bringing conclusions on many situations and issues that have been themes in our lives for the whole of 2014.
On the broad world view of things, 2014 has had an undercurrent of violence and turbulence, which has shown itself in different ways. The Tropical Storm in August was one form locally, while the martial law that happened in Ferguson, Missouri was another and the siege on Gaza another still.

There are brewing plans for more airstrikes in Iraq. The change of season promises more military action and the continuation of the over use of force on the global level.
In Puna, our home on Big Island, events have brought people together as community. We have shared issues to work on that affect people equally. It is a time of problem-solving on safety, transportation issues, geothermal and GMO.

Sometimes we will see the tensions build, but it shows us that there are many facets to consider. The struggle is making the people with the money and influences have to give some sense of compassion and concern for the residents whose lives are affected by their decisions.
October is eclipse season again. Along with that comes another Mercury retrograde phase that will add a pulse of focus around communications, decision-making, debate, and commercial ups and downs. We will need more public meetings with officials. There will be a continuation of discussion topics carried over from September that will make us all wonder how the jobs are going to get done without agreement. At times things will get quite dramatic. It is thematic of the times that more things than we know are decided in secret. The underlying factor is money, profit, and special interests.
The Lunar Eclipse October 8 has high tension, as it hooks right into the dramatic outer planet combination that has been the influence of social uprising over the last two years. The local view of this eclipse may concern local political issues. It may also be the struggle of people trying to get assistance from the natural disaster of both storm and lava. It’s always hard to get the different levels of government agencies work together for the people and their needs. We could see demonstrations in Hilo, if there is no better consideration for the economic struggle in our district, and forthcoming action to support need.
The Solar Eclipse occurs on October 23, as the Sun enters Scorpio. Mercury is direct on October 25, and will complete retracing its path until November 8. This time in between is the phase in which decisions finally come to resolution and then action can take place. So, it is going to be a process. Let us hope it doesn’t take so long that there are more losses and expenses that quicker action could have saved, as we go into our rainy season. Collective voices are gaining strength and volume as more people begin to be involved in community efforts. The high side of this period of early fall is community building.

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