January and February 2009

2009 happy new year

2009 happy new year

The New Year begins with several new cycles that give us different levels of changes to take advantage of, and initiate our own new beginnings. 2008 was a dramatic year in many respects. We had the theater of politics with new performing artists capturing our attention in a way that hasn’t happened for decades. The satire of the real politicians was almost as amusing first hand, as it was replayed by SNL. The collapse of the general marketplace is serious drama, with more layers coming. We will be letting go of more expanded habits and curbing our spending appetites in the coming early months of 2009.

The Winter Solstice is an important new cycle each year that sets the tone of many things. This year is especially potent for major renovations in foundational structures of business and economy, of systems and departments of governments, and down to personal patterns of responsibility and personal security. Where we have expanded beyond the solid boundary of black ink on the ledger, we will find ourselves in precarious territory. The forced purging of excess can also bring out interesting lessons and innovations. America is preparing to make major revaluing in all major areas of life. Our society is in need of major psychological review.

On the personal and local level, as individuals we will benefit from becoming more involved and acquainted to the people of our closest community. The time is passing for the level of anonymity that has become so common, especially in urban areas. Country people are much better at knowing their neighbors and creating communal support systems. When jobs are lacking, homes are foreclosed and businesses are failing, it becomes a blight in whole communities. To work for stronger local economies, we will need to pull together and not let each other fall to the gobbling corporate giants that will otherwise get the best of us for pennies on the dollar. New concepts of local people helping local people are the answers to these possibilities. 2009 will stimulate community brainstorming rather than hopelessness.

The Wall Street bailout is an example of the last gasp of the old guard trying to save themselves, but not the people. The plan happened under the last Mercury retrograde period. Mercury retraces its path from January 11 to February 2. This is a period of review and not one of clear-minded new decisions. The financial issues will loom large all year because of the wasteful decision to give the banks funds without oversight. There will be a lot of time and talk given to undoing the decisions of last October. The new administration comes into office knee deep in old business that demands reevaluation.

The end of January and early February is excited by eclipses, which tend to bring out themes of change. The focus relative to the United States chart is on resources and debts. The high potential is that the new government goes right to the task of revitalizing the American workforce with jobs of new technologies and future oriented training centers. At the same time, Americans are swamped with high interest debt. The sacrifice should come from the big banks that are holding back the real help that is needed for the lower income masses. Tax changes and debt forgiveness programs could help the country as much as the CEO’s giving their last five years of gravy back to the people. (Wishful thinking is going to get us through these times.)

Barack Obama will take his oath of office with his own important cycles taking him to great heights in the eyes of the world. While his new administration settles in, the team spirit will be a growing positive influence on everyone’s sense of future goals. The first steps will be to unify the cabinet and Congress. The Mercury cycle will key in to bringing disclosures from many areas of government business as leftovers from the outgoing managers. The news could be very interesting over the coming weeks.

The influence of the Lunar eclipse February 9 will likely give us relief to save people from losing their homes by working out new debt programs, and relief from piling interest and fees from credit card companies. The potential for people to see benefit from such changes could be as early as the end of February. It is also possible at that time to see the innovation of individuals come out with community plans and cooperatives to support each other locally. The themes of the cycles initiating 2009 focus on the group and the good of all. Many hands working together build harmonious futures.