July 2008

America celebrates 222 years of liberty and independence this year. This is a time to review our collective values. The economy is the barometer of collective social self worth. Many people are nervous about the current downward trend of markets. As July begins, we may face some dramatic economic changes. People are looking for new ways to solve their financial problems. In fact, we are all looking for ways to change many things about our lives. The time feels unsteady and we are unsure of the future. In many ways, our current trends correspond with similar periods of US history. We can learn from seeing the similarities of the themes and focusing our intent for the future.

Astrologically, 2008 is a step toward evolutionary social changes. The long step to connecting with our past is to see the similarity to certain patterns that occurred between 1762 to 1776. The events that pushed the colonists to stand up and take their power to be self-governing were largely economic. Colonists were well established and their growing population felt that they deserved self-governance and representation for their financial interests. This was the beginning of the American Revolution. The financial foundation of America was established during this period. People were innovative and became more socially unified because of their circumstances.

Two other periods of social change have cyclic contacts with current trends as well. One dramatic period of social change relative to current time was 1965-66, and the other less marked period is 1988. The mid-1960’s was the larger revolution of civil rights, the wasteful war in Viet Nam, and the seeds of the technological revolution. In the fall of 1987, we had the stock market crash of the internet stocks, “Black Monday.” By the summer of 1988, we had a 14-year low of unemployment. The themes that link all of these periods are human rights, economic struggle, and a demand for political changes. These periods each have dramatic astrological signatures that correlate to collective change based on universal principles. Later this year, begins another of these important geocosmic signatures that will stimulate evolutionary and revolutionary changes.

What we must do is be alert to the trends at the community level. Through July, the natural influence is to give time and loving energy to family and friends. It is natural to have more social gatherings and family playtime. During such events, we have the perfect opportunity to discuss and share our circumstances and build support. We can pool our experiences and brainstorm ways to work together for more security.

The energy is good for taking action, where we have had a very sluggish year for productivity. It is a good time to be strategic in our plans for the next few months. Early July has the perfect pairing of energies for having a vision of long-term goals and the motivation for discipline to restructure habits. Service projects are a great use of the energies this month. Cleaning, restoring, reorganizing will give a good feeling of accomplishment and clear the path for new activities. This energy lasts most of the month. The full moon on July 17 will emphasize the benefit of group energy and community focus.

By the last week of July, there is very high energy for peaceful actions. There could be an opportunity for resolutions in international relationships. In the year of so following the turning points I mention above, some very positive events led to peace agreements, new industry, and some improvement in the overall economic climate. Personal relationships are favored as well in this phase.