Total Eclipse 1995

Total Eclipse 1995

As the Sun reaches its highest point in the northern hemisphere, the Summer Solstice, we witness many events that are reaching a breaking point, or have gone as far as they can go. This season has some unusual astrological events that contribute to the growing awareness that the global community is more connected than it has ever been.

One of the most intense situations is the Iranian election, which has sparked major demonstrations and outrage from the Iranian people who feel that their votes did not count. Iran is currently a religious regime that has many stringent laws against women. At this time, astrologically we have strong representation of female archetypes mixed with the prominent outer planets. Symbolically, this brings issues of women and the dynamics of relationships to the forefront. In Iran, the women are courageously showing themselves to be a powerful force for change.

Venus, the planet representing the feminine archetype, along with the Moon, is traveling closely with Mars, the masculine archetype. Their cycles do not generally intersect more than once in a year. This year we will see them conjunct twice, which is a strong emphasis of their archetypal relationship. Venus and Mars also represent desire and the impetus to go after what we desire. Their conjunctions support the welfare of women by their additional interactions with the Moon in both contacts. This emphasizes situations that effect home and family. Their first contact was April 22 conjunct the Moon in Pisces. Their second contact was on June 22, the day of the New Moon in Cancer.

The additional feminine representations are from the asteroids named for Greek Goddesses. Ceres, the mother, who represents parental bonding and healthy relationships, is traveling with Saturn in Virgo. This combination is bringing forth the issues of health care and a woman’s right to her own body.

Vesta, which represents sacred sexuality and commitment to work and higher ideals, is traveling closely with the Sun. This supports respect for women in the work place with honor for their special contributions to the outlook of laws and rules. Sonia Sotomayor becomes the current representative of this quality in her potential to become a Supreme Court Justice, where few women have served to give their voice to legal judgment.

Juno, who was wife of Zeus, depicts our desire for relationships that honor fidelity and commitment to marriage vows. Juno is traveling in union with Uranus, the planet of change and revolution. This combination highlights the positive qualities of marriage partnership that should be universally fair and honorable. At the same time, they are illustrating the need to change social standards that have accepted secret liaisons by powerful men.

With Saturn and Uranus in their dance of opposition, they are giving us the face off between the old status quo, versus the new and innovative in multiple arenas of life. The debate over the sanctity of marriage is getting a twist with the release of stories of politicians who have been vocally adamant against same sex marriage and extra-marital affairs by others and who have slipped into their own poor behaviors. Hypocrisy of righteousness brings out the questions of whose standards should make laws that govern relationships. The debate over these issues has a long way to go.

There will be a series of three eclipses in the next two lunar cycles. Eclipses tend to be very potent times that open the possibility of changes and bring hidden things to our attention. On July 7, there is a full moon eclipse at 11:21 pm (Hawaii time). This is likely to be visible in Hawaii. The other two will not be visible. The total Solar eclipse is on July 22 at 4:34 pm. The eclipse path runs across from Mumbai India, crosses through Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan and China before curving south across the Pacific Ocean. These countries will have the greatest affect, with the potential for civil unrest. The second Lunar eclipse will be on August 6 at 2:54 pm. The pattern of these eclipses makes an emphasis to the USA chart that continues the attention on repairing the economy and rebuilding the financial stability of our country.