The month of May opens with a lively energy that has everyone inspired to refresh and to clean and beautify. There will be a good surge of spring activity. The emphasis in planets in Fire and Air elements spur enthusiasm, sports activity, and social connections.

Mercury, planet of communication, commerce, and contracts is moving in reverse from May 7 to 31. This means that the whole month will have little problem issues cropping up over broken equipment, transportation problems, lost items, misunderstandings and having to re-do things. Try to take it in stride, as this occurs every three months. The helpful side to this process is that we are often motivated to clean up clutter, reorganize, and review plans and intentions. This is not a good time for signing contracts. This period often has people making promises and commitments that they cannot follow through. There tends to be changes during this time that can clear up when information flows again after Mercury turns direct. It is a good time for any kind of review process and renegotiating.

This process will apply directly to the “BAILOUT” of the big banks that started back in October. There will need to be another level of review and negotiation because the first agreements that Congress made under George Bush need to be adjusted, and in some cases, eliminated from the contracts.

There is a unique cluster of planets at the end of the month, that combined with the Moon’s phases is initiating a new 14 year cycle that focuses on socio-economic and spiritual themes. This infuses the collective with fresh ideals and optimism towards more inclusive and harmonious social trends. Acceptance of unique differences will be apparent through the rest of this year as a collective trend, including interactions among world governments. The economic summits last March are a good example of how these meetings are going to go.

The people of the United States are the recipients of this orientation towards peace and helping each other. Our government is giving a lot of attention to helping the masses that have been to desperately affected by the economic crisis. The imagination and openness toward alternative ways of doing business will steadily begin to develop new businesses and new avenues of income for many people. May is the month to review. June will spark new forward motion with a better understanding of what we need for the next steps to new jobs and a revived economy.

June will bring us better substance and security in the economic trends. We know that it is going to take a long time to regain solid footing, because these past several months have pushed so many people to the economic breaking point. This month we will start to feel like we can begin to plan and to make commitments. This will promote some very good business deals. The end of the third week has some very positive connections for mutually beneficial agreements for most types of contracts.

June also has good energy for loving relationships and forming bonds of trust. This June will produce some good marriage dates, although the best days are on weekdays. There is so much non-traditional energy overall. Why not have an unconventional wedding on a weekday? The best thing is that there is good agreement among the planets that will promote enduring kinds of commitments. That’s not something that happens every June. Good luck to lovers.

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