Obama and End of Summer Transits

The end of August has been a time of great tension, especially in the arena of foreign affairs. As Mars, planet of aggression and war moved into Leo on August 28 the leadership of the United States began posturing for war. The Sun was opposed Neptune giving a murky picture of responsibility of who orchestrated the chemical weapons attack on the people of Syria, and also whether the USA has the “moral” authority to respond. Neptune presents confusion, deception, and also idealism. It is still in aspect with Saturn in Scorpio, which has a reputation of underhanded subversion, spying and death traps. The water element has been the theme of the summer, which many astrologers glorified as presenting this as a time of “enlightenment”. Personally, my take is that this has been a period ripe with cover-ups and deception that are hard to pinpoint the source or the purpose.
The harder structure of astrological aspects dominating the longer period of 2012 to 2015 is the dynamic square between Uranus (revolution, individualism and inventions) to Pluto (overarching power, suppression, and Plutocracy) with the addition of Jupiter in Cancer, contributing the issues of justice, truth, and the principle of expansion. Since the triple eclipses of April and May, many things have been exposed that shake our faith in a democratic America. The first in a series of informational events was disclosure of NSA spying virtually on everyone. This is not fully addressed as yet.
The USA Sun is 13 Cancer. As Jupiter passed through this degree, our president has puffed up in righteous indignation at the crisis in Syria and is ready to find a way into war, with or without proof and legal stance to do so. Jupiter is going to cross through this territory of the USA chart repeating contacts to the Sun 3 times. The first contact has been through the last week of August 2013. The second contact, which will be retrograde the third week of January 2014 and the final contact the fourth week of April. Anything started in late August will have strong repercussions exaggerated in late April next year.
On September 1, Mars will pass over President Obama’s Mercury, planet of thinking, communicating, and decision-making. By September 18, it will cross his Sun. This is a season for him personally to take a strong stand of leadership, but it doesn’t HAVE to be actions of WAR!
Mars in Leo is full of confidence and ego. It can take a hero’s position and save lives, make resolutions of positive action and lead the way for discovery of truth. President Obama’s own natal Mars happens to be conjunct the USA Neptune which is square Mars in the USA horoscope. Our country has a solid history of war for imperialistic purposes and then calling it just and heroic. War for oil still remains the background incentive for actions in the Middle East.
Obama’s support of secrecy, looking the other way on his predecessor’s criminal actions, and shutting down American First Amendment rights don’t look good for his possible next steps in this ramping up to war without Congressional approval.
The seasonal chart of the Autumnal Equinox on September 22 brings the hard aspects of Uranus and Pluto into high focus, and the USA Mars is in an angle of aggression in foreign relations. This could be a dangerous time on domestic soil. The Fire and Air elements give a lot of talk and a lot of aggression. It is not a time to take risks or stir up trouble. If the American people still have any influence on their representatives, it is definitely a time to use it and make our voices heard.

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