Obama the Peace Maker

International Flags in Unity

International Flags in Unity

Ancient traditional astrology was primarily for the benefit of a nation or land and the king was representative of the nation. Today we recognize that the President is the representative of the nation and his personal horoscope has a direct bearing on the events of the collective members of the nation. President Obama will have his 48th birthday on August 4. His natal horoscope has prominent statements of leadership and influence. The Solar Eclipse on July 22 made contact to Obama’s horoscope that will emphasize his magnanimous spirit and his orientation to peace making. Eclipse influences generally show marked evidence for 3 to 6 months. Eclipses can bring unpredictable events that expose something. Sometimes it is exciting and positive and sometimes it is disturbing and challenging. Other times nothing really comes of it.

President Obama’s personal horoscope has some potent contacts to the USA horoscope that give a focus to the tasks that he takes on in his Presidency. He has the sense of right action that is taking on the restructuring of the proper boundaries of the Presidential power. He is challenged to bring out the hidden aspects of abuse of power and bring things into right alignment. As no other President before him, Obama is addressing the subtle social beliefs that are embedded in the legal system from Police to Lawmakers. The eclipse was near Obama’s natal Jupiter, planet of judgment and expansiveness. It was also near the planet Pluto in the USA chart. This brings attention to Obama’s pressing attention on the economy and the power figures of commerce in the United States that are also affecting international relationships.

Obama has been out in the world traveling and meeting with important heads of state from all over the world. The most important issues are global warming, nuclear weapons, and balancing the economy. President Obama is going far forward in taking the lead in addressing major world issues and trying very hard to improve international relationships and the world’s attitude towards our country. He has taken historic steps to begin to work with China, who happens to be carrying much of the USA debt at this time.

President Obama has some positive contacts to the horoscope of China that helps him mediate with Chinese leaders and is likely to improve connections over former relations with our country. China has just had a major planetary return, a cycle point of readjustment. It influences generational groups and this may give way to better communications and collaboration between nations. With Obama’s influence, China may be primed for joining the movement to stop global warming and improve the atmosphere by participating in new manufacturing and transportation practices.

On the personal level, the month of August is a time of taking account of where we stand and where we want to be. This last month of summer is when we see the greatest returns on our efforts for the year. The strongest theme for this month seems to be analysis and review. We will see early evidence of the change of seasons and inwardly, we begin to assess what we need to make it through the winter. By midmonth, there will be tension over the dynamic between self-desire and the needs of the group. For many people, across generational groups, the urge for change, for a new way is rattling around inside. It is timely to do more letting go than acquisition. It is timely to review goals and to let go of unrealistic dreams. It is important to make realignments that are cooperative, workable, and mutually beneficial for all that are connected and impacted by your decisions. One of the most optimistic energies of this year focuses on cooperative groups and a larger pool of shared resources. We have the opportunity to expand this idea from home, to neighborhood, to greater community. The last surge of summer energy will be the most powerful if used for social activities that bring larger communities together.