The peak of summer is the time for many aspects of life to be highly illuminated. Symbolic of the Sun’s reaching its highest declination in the Northern hemisphere the world comes to a place of enhanced visibility on many important topics. In the month of July, 2014, several important astrological changes occur that will give a noticeable shift to some ongoing themes.
The longest astrological dynamic in operation since August 2010 has been the pulsing contacts of planets associated with revolution and uprising and with the overarching power structures stirring in the masses that experience the greatest oppression. As these planets have transited into range of affecting the USA horoscope, the primary topics involve: a. the expanded Presidential powers through the use of widespread global surveillance, b. covert practices of involvement in controlling other governments and economies, and c. the secretive development of super trade agreements that serve the rights of corporations over the protection of the quality of life of people in general.
Specifically, the Trans-Pacific Partnership is currently being developed behind closed doors and in secret from members of Congress, whose responsibility it is to make laws and decisions about economic issues. The TPP is being negotiated by 12 Pacific Rim countries: The United States, Canada, Mexico, Chile, Peru, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Japan and Brunei.
In addition, The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), also known as the Transatlantic Free Trade Agreement (TAFTA) is being negotiated between the United States and the European Union. The European Union consists of 28 member countries.
In reality, these trade agreements are focused on eroding the protection of food and water globally. They support the giant corporations and their international financiers and will set a standard that will weaken national laws in the protection of natural resources in all countries. For more information on this important issues go to
Your president is pushing to have Congress approve this agreement without full disclosure and to have a Fast Track vote, which will eliminate debate and wave the rights of Congress to investigate and evaluate the potential effect of the trade agreements. If passed, it will set the precedence of future world trade agreements.
In this period prior to the Primary Election on August 9, the planetary activities of change include Mars, the planet of action, intention, war, and courage finally leaving the sign of Libra and into its own sign Scorpio on July 26, with the New Moon in Leo. This can initiate more grassroots action of protection.
Jupiter, planet of Justice, truth, and inclusion will enter Leo on July 16 and will be at the heart of the Sun on July 25, just after the Sun enters the sign. This special contact could bring out more revelations of Presidential actions and intentions. This transit occurs in direct opposition to the Sun/Jupiter union at Obama’s first Inauguration in 2009. It represents something coming to fruition from that time of initiating power and action as President.
In addition, this New Moon is conjunct Obama’s natal Mercury, planet of mind, communication, and commercial activities. This transit activity will promote decisions, announcement, and the potential to put pen to paper in an important way. Other indications support international agreements, and likely actions around immigration and deportation of children, which is another current topic.
As this New Moon is important to the election cycle, we should be hearing more about what local candidates are all about. Our elected official decision makers come from our small communities first. This next November Election will put new people in positions to decide very important things that will affect our rights, our health, our environment, and our economy. If we want better protection for these valuable components of life, we need to pay attention to each and every candidate and choose wisely when we cast our ballots.
One more astrological factor that is changing this month is Saturn turning direct, July 20. Saturn is like the local authority in charge of business. It has been in Scorpio, the sign of secrecy since October of 2012. Since that time many things that have happened in the broad strokes of Saturn’s 30 year cycles have come back to the surface. In 1954, the Bilderberg Group was formed. This is a group of the world’s elite in governments, financial moguls, and other Plutocratic positions. They meet in secret and discuss the design of the future of our world. Many events that go back to that time have deep roots, such as the Civil Rights movement.
The next Saturn cycle after that was 1982 during the Reagan Presidency. In this phase, the US backed the destabilization of governments in Chile, and in Iran. There was the Iran-Contra Affair and international arms smuggling. In this current cycle the past comes up and some of it repeats. We have the global surveillance of the world essentially. Our local Police are no longer a part of community for protection, but for militarized control against domestic terrorism, which might mean they can shoot your kids, or you for no good reason.
This next year of Saturn moving through Scorpio could bring another layer of government controls and the erosion of human rights if we remain apathetic to our local, state and national elections. With it now moving direct it will retrace its path that it has crossed since March when it turned retrograde. In this third crossing of the same territory of the zodiac, it will bring conclusions to decisions left open for debate. It will give the people some space to activate against the steamroller of Plutocratic intentions. We still do have the power of the people if we take up our responsibilities as citizens and VOTE.