President Obama and the State of the Union 2012

The President will give his State of the Union address tonight, January 24, 2012. There are some interesting connections between the current planetary positions and contact to points in the 2009 Inauguration chart. We can also observe the relationship of both these charts to the national chart.

First, the Inauguration chart contained features that many astrologers had concerns about, but in the beginning, we were unsure how things would manifest. One important point was Mercury, planet of communications, decisions, and oaths, was retrograde in the very heart of the Sun. Jupiter was also there. Mercury and Jupiter had influence over financial matters. As it happened, the President had problems in taking the oath of office and had to “redo” the oath. This is very significant. The later results that have manifested leave us wondering over the President’s allegiance to the people, or to the corporate powers.

The Moon in the Inauguration chart was at the very last few minutes of the sign Scorpio. The Moon represents the people of the nation. The condition of the Moon in this chart suggests a potentially deteriorating situation for the people. We have since seen that Congress, the Banks, and even some State legislators have broadly disenfranchised the American people. We were blind to the potential of continued devaluing of America.

There was a larger cycle phase between two planets going on at that time. Saturn represents Congress and things representing structure and status quo. Uranus, planet of “change” and revolution was in opposition. We could observe through the election process that these two planets were representing the new, young, and technologically savvy Obama, facing off with the elder Statesman McCain, representing conservative values and traditional political behaviors. It was a tug-of-war between status quo and change. It’s looking a lot like status quo has won out.

Mars is the planet of action, drive, motivation and doing. It can represent the military, workforce, and war-like activities. Today, when the President speaks, Mars is retrograde, which means that action is stalled; a retreat is in order. At the time of the address, Mars will be rising at the horizon. It will reflect the President’s intentions for his presentation. For President Obama, Mars has just returned to its place in his personal horoscope. This begins a new two year cycle of action. The fact that this contact will happen three times emphasizes his personal plan of action. We expect that to be focused on re-election.

In connection to the Inauguration chart, the current Mars is passing three times over Saturn. If we assign Saturn to represent Congress, as a body, we can expect the continued criticism of the President. The Republican rhetoric in anticipation of the President’s address is they expect the same actions the President has given in the last three years, “more debt, more regulation, more big government.”[1]

The high side of Mars’ retrograde phase is that many things will be reexamined, and this could include changing legislation. Negotiating, debating, and strategic planning are part of this process. If Congress is at all willing to implement legislation that releases unnecessary restrictions on people’s rights, we could see some interesting changes in the springtime.

President Obama is likely to profess his allegiance to the American people tonight. His plans for the coming year will surely stress a focus on the workforce, including jobs for the returning military troops. He will try to raise enthusiasm and hope by calling on the ideals and collective dreams for making things better. He will be recounting his accomplishments, in spite of an uncooperative Congress. The people will be listening critically, craving truth and wishing for the promised change.

Mars will make the final contact to President Obama’s Mars on June 18. This will be the time that we can really assess the statements and promises he makes tonight. The results will make or break his campaign. It will also reveal the true contender in the Presidential race.


[1] Both Mitt Romney and House Speaker Boener used these words in reference to the President’s speech. Sound bites used by CNN, Jan. 24, 2012.