Total Eclipse 1995

Total Eclipse 1995

It is now the half-way point of the year seasonally. We have had a very surprising and shocking spring and summer. In some respects it may be that we are just in the middle of a major movement into greater class wars and stronger implementation of mass controls.

Besides this being the Autumn Equinox, we have a pair of eclipses with the next upcoming lunations. The periods of time around eclipses are intensified and we often see important events that can be turning points in the timeline of political dynamics. Eclipses are linked together and in their own series they identify themes that take time to play out. The action of the eclipsing bodies of light allows things to be revealed that are not seen in ordinary light.

The lunar eclipse October 18 and the solar eclipse November 3 have connection with the three eclipses of the spring. That is to say that we can expect more of the same types of events to be revealed. One could say that the major overture of the spring eclipse season has had a lot to do with revelations of how our government is working on a secret and powerful level to establish what can be called an Empire, both domestically and globally.

Looking back to the spring, we had the events in Boston that showed bold evidence of the government’s power to control through martial law. This is relative to the pulsing of the planets of revolution repeating their transits through the stages that brought about the development of our Constitution. It is getting hard to sort out what is patriotic and what is a fight to maintain Democracy. After the Boston event, it wasn’t long until Edward Snowden became the Revealer of Truth that is still opening new revelations of what has been perpetrated in the name of “Security”.

These are dangerous times. It is unusually critical that we be attentive to what is going on at any level of government. The potential for another greater display of domestic security is likely for the beginning of November. Locally, our issues are the takeover of big AG and big Power. These eclipse periods offer us awareness, if we pay attention to the unfolding events. Responding to the issues will take more people being aware and vocal.

There is currently a prelude to a longer conversation about resources versus profits. The topic of Climate Change has broad global reach of influence. I think we might see the interaction between the planets Venus and Mars as being relative to the dynamics of this conversation at an international level. Venus represents values, and the generation of life, health and wealth. Mars represents action, effort, and the dynamics of force, cutting away, and aggression.

These two planets will be at right angles to each other 3 times, September 28, January 16, and March 2. The influence of this is challenge, and perhaps the use of force against demonstrations for preservation of resources. An example of this theme is shown by members of Green Peace, who tried to block the drilling of oil in the fragile Artic, are being charged by the Russian Government with Piracy, an extreme charge against peaceful protesters. On the collective level, this repeated interaction between the planets of love and war will have many faces and many challenges where ever people who love nature stand up to those who use force to usurp resources.

On the personal level, this period of stormy astrological weather will make any discussions and debates more passionate. It will be a difficult time to come to agreements. There is dissonance and contention as a factor of the processes of change and development. What makes it more dramatic is that revolutionary pulse that beats below the surface and fuels a spreading awakening of a need to build a tighter community and to be more attentive to what is happening through big money and politics.

Below is a Solar Maps view showing the November 3 solar eclipse path and the lines of planets located on angles around the planet. The eclipse path is where the eclipse is visible on earth. This one will be seen in central Africa, starting in Somalia and ending to the east of the USA. The places crossed by the eclipse path will see the strongest effects in events. This can include earth-based events such as earthquakes, as well as social-political events.