Sirius Star Talk- May 2008

Sound Money?

Sound Money?

As spring becomes evident across the northern hemisphere, the most pervasive topic is the challenge of economics in the Western world. The American dollar has been shrinking in value and the ripple effect is bringing undeniable attention to sustainability. Real changes in American values are going to mean personal sacrifices and general economic discipline.

The significant astrological factors that set out the themes of seasons and cycles for 2008 stimulate a disquieting alert for the spring and summer seasons. The series of earth changes, social and political changes make it difficult to continue practices of waste, pollution, and extravagance. Curbing urban pollution and reducing oil dependence go right along with changing personal eating habits, driving less and recycling everything. It all comes down to a reality crisis of how we have gone out of bounds with spending what we don’t have and consuming what we don’t need. The collapse of corporations is a symptom of our inflated and exaggerated way of life that grew up over the last thirty plus years. Our myopic, self-satisfying focus on increase has brought us to a phase of cycle, which will force simplification, moderation and a wider view of future possibilities.

May is the time of the Sun’s travel through the fixed sign of Taurus, and it is joined throughout the month with Venus near by. Venus is the planet that governs Taurus and is associated with beauty, love, and values. As Venus entered its own sign, it immediately gains strength. On April 30, for the seventh time since early September the prime rate has been reduced another fraction of a percent to support the general economy and keep the US dollar steady. While such actions help to maintain the banks, we might be concerned about the long-range potential of our economy.

Venus will be traveling under the Sun’s beams until early August. The fact that Venus is invisible to us is symbolic of the “backroom” management of everything to do with economics. The good thing for the month of May is that the potential for harmonious agreements is higher than it has been for months. We may actually see good conclusions to looming decisions that will effects sustainable agriculture on a global level.

Venus makes a temporary, but very positive uniting of the forces of necessity and the financial giants. Two slower moving planets are involved in the picture and their 36-year cycle is at a phase that supports the growth of power through large corporations. Their current cycle began in 2001 and gained through the power of fear as the marketing tool for war in the name of security. We are already seeing the super corporations like Halliburton standing outside national law. This advance of power through economic might is an important component to the powerful decisions that corporate moguls are making in early May. The picture of the US economy is tenuous.

The most conscious path for the coming months is to be aware of the simple ways that we not only save ourselves money, we also support the global family by being financially conservative. We need to return the resourceful thinking of the depression era; how to make more out of less. The Green Revolution has begun. May is the perfect time to start living like there is a tomorrow.