Sirius Star Talk- November 2008

Revolutionary Energies

Revolutionary Energies

What an amazing time this is! There are strong, revolutionary energies at work now. On Election Day, two slow moving planets meet in opposition to each other, marking a cycle of 43-45 years. Their last such meeting was 1965, a very volatile period of American history. By Thanksgiving, another important astrological event occurs that calls out our pre-Constitution history. Over the next 18 months, these three planets will move into a pattern that connects them in a powerful energetic alignment that will focus on collective, global events. These planets will trigger monumental changes as they enter what is called the Cardinal Climax. November 2008 is the “kick-off” to the whole party.

The Presidential campaign has been a good illustration of the opposition of Saturn in Virgo and Uranus in Pisces. Saturn represents tradition, authority, and the “status quo” of government and business. We often see Saturn represented as the older, “father-figure.” Saturn is moving through Virgo, the sign of details, analysis, health, and service. When Saturn entered Virgo in September 2007, the housing bubble burst. Now, the government has taken on the regulation and assessment of the financial sector, the super banks. Saturn limits and restricts, and calls for accountability. This is the Senate Hearing Committees calling failed bankers to explain their actions.

Uranus is the energy of breaking out of old restrictions and inventing new systems and techniques. In the ‘60’s, Uranus was joined with the power planet, Pluto. Then, we witnessed the overthrow of a social system that was built on a power hierarchy that disenfranchised minorities. The transformation of laws and social ideas is refreshed in our awareness now as these planets once again connect and redistribute power and wealth. Money has taken on the greatest power in the world. The shift at hand will bring our attention back to balancing our relationship with nature and humanity.

Uranus in Pisces represents the youth movement of consciousness and green living. Pisces is a sign of inclusiveness. It rules the oceans and the type of unifying things like atmosphere, breath, and the way water disperses everything it contains. Uranus is the idea of change, unexpected and unique. It always brings surprises.
In this Presidential contest, people appear to be strongly leaning toward the CHANGE candidate, but the outcome could be a shocking surprise. Consider how electrical energy can seem to come out of nowhere. A stray lightening bolt can travel miles and ricochet in wild directions. When lightening strikes water, it affects every molecule. The close of the poles in Hawaii features Neptune, planet of confusion and deception on the top of the chart, suggesting that we may have another long, vote “clarifying” process. It might be two to three weeks before the election is decided.

The New Moon, just before the election, has the influence of a face-off of rational ideas versus passionate emotions. The week before the election has the power of a steam-roller generating an undercurrent of emotional distortions. The Full Moon, a week after the election, introduces practical assessments. There will be better news on the economy after the 13th. This period will have many announcements and agreements that will move the economy forward, if a bit cautiously over the next few months.

The Sagittarius New Moon on Thanksgiving Day has a theme of hope and optimism. My projection is that Barack Obama wins the Presidency. This lunation has strong contacts to the horoscopes of both Obama and McCain, and to the Vice Presidential candidate’s charts. Senator Biden’s chart suggests he is taking on more responsibility. Sarah Palin’s chart appears to send her home to Alaska. McCain’s chart receives harsh challenge from the slow planets that create this remarkable period. Obama and his family move into the spotlight.

This New Moon hosts the movement of Pluto into the sign Capricorn, which represents corporations and large structures such as governments. Pluto represents power and transformation, as well as the power of money. Plutocrats are people with too much money, like the parachuting CEO’s of the fallen banks and insurance companies. The next 15 years will be comparable to America’s pre-Constitution struggles with England. In the next 5 years, Pluto’s influence will be affecting the US treasury and the entire global financial system. Pluto represents metamorphosis, so get ready for a new form of currency. New types of businesses and ways for people to survive the death of the old system will be the talk of coming months.