Summer 2009

As the season turns to summer, there is a noticeable thaw in the economy. This past winter was one of the hardest in both weather and economics. June will bring the first sense of grounding we have had since last September. In politics, we continue to follow the decision-making process on corporate financial health and the battle between the political parties in Congress.

One good thing about Mercury having its regular retrograde phases is that we get the opportunity to give further attention to issues that are difficult to solve in a short time. The economy is one example on the larger scale. Last October Congress gave out Bailout funds without taking the time to give details a thorough review. The result has been continuing review and disclosure of what lead up to the crisis. Mercury was retrograde when the problem started. It was retrograde again through February and May, bringing the need to adjust the expectations between the corporations, banks, and the government.

With Venus also retrograde for March and half of April, the money issues have been paramount. In early June, both planets move into their own signs, which will help to settle some lingering issues of resent months. It also allows us all the feeling that we can take some control over our own resources and decisions. This is also a likely time for some new solutions for the general public, who are still unemployed and financially desperate.

The Full Moon on June 7 will bring an emphasis to women’s issues. This may support the confirmation of Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court. She is getting powerful influences from Pluto to her personal planets, which challenges her to reach for greater power and influence. Her strong lineup of planets in the sign Cancer, match up well with planets in the USA chart. She seems like an excellent candidate to address some of the social inequalities of women’s rights, a focus that is important to President Obama.

The New Moon occurs on the 22nd, two days after the Summer Solstice. Venus and Mars will meet in the value sign of Taurus. This increases cooperation and sharing. The energy is good for agreements and especially good for romantic commitments. The shift in energy will lean much more towards collaboration that supports long range planning. This is finally a time of resolutions.

There are still looming international problems that require in a manner of diplomacy to try and settle old tensions. One country to pay attention to is North Korea. Their recent show of nuclear missile testing stands out as a play of power. The country’s chart suggests that the deeper desire of the people is to participate in the global family in a positive way. However, their leadership leans toward deceptive and egocentric actions. We might equate current trends for their government to a belligerent teenager who rebuffs all forms of discipline and control. The “parent/child” relationships need to be improved. Sanctions against North Korea have been in place since 1996 but most countries have not enforced them in recent years. The United States has just raised the cry to stand up against North Korea and their increased nuclear power. It will take strong, but diplomatic confrontations to quell this drama before it exacerbates.

One hopeful theme of this period is the joining of Jupiter, the planet of optimism and expansion, with Neptune, the planet of ideals, peace, and imagination, along with the healer, Chiron. They establish a new cycle that introduces fresh concepts of working together, and working to bring a stronger blending and alliances among people of diverse cultures and ideals. They meet in Aquarius, the sign of brotherhood and equality. At the level of communities, they enhance the process of bringing groups together to make the effort toward healing old wounds and encouraging helpfulness so that everyone benefits.