Summer of Love and Secrets

The treniStock_000009438723_ExtraSmallds of the summer months bring our attention to comfort, security, and family. While there is no doubt big things are happening in the greater world, our personal lives can still find love, joy, and togetherness. Sometimes hard events can bring people together in a stronger bond.

Jupiter, the big red planet, has just made its annual meeting with the Sun, but this time was different as it occurred in a portion of the sky where they meet only once every 83 years. This denotes very important times and historically, brings out major changes over the following Jupiter cycle of 12 years. Jupiter’s theme is “the dissemination of information on a broad scale.” It brings new leaders and important voices to the forefront during times of dramatic change.

The world witnessed this energy as the story of Edward Snowden broke open. His actions fit the theme of the Uranus square to Pluto that was exact on May 20, the day Snowden left Hawaii for Hong Kong. This was also relative to the series of eclipses we had April 25, May 9, and May 25. Many White House scandals have been exposed through these recent weeks and we can expect more scum to rise to the surface as more documents are publicly released.

The Summer Solstice on June 21 featured a Grand Trine in Water signs, meaning that planets in close degree points in the three water signs create a harmonious relationship of cooperation, ease, and even love. Jupiter joins the party on June 26, just as Mercury decides to stay a little longer and turns retrograde. Mercury will retrace its steps until July 20. By that time Jupiter is in tight connection to Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces. Mars will enter Cancer on July 14, staying until the end of August. While, we think about this as a lovely relationship, the planets involved and the signs represented can so easily conceal the truth, and allow the sleight of hand to trick us. Mars contributes war-like tactics provided for “security.”

Another factor of the prominence of water element is going to be seen in weather. With the Sun’s entrance into Cancer came major rains and flooding in central Canada. It was an overwhelming disaster. We can also expect a stormy summer in Hawaii.

All through this spring there have been a cluster of planets traveling with the Sun. This is representing important councils, secret meetings, closed door discussions and decisions. Mars was particularly tight with Sun since mid-February. It just comes out of the Sun’s rays on the Solstice. This is the time when the secrets come out.

Mars returns to its place in the USA chart on July 1. This is the close of a two year cycle of action. Mars enters Cancer July 15. We should notice a real change in the tone of things. Mars has less potency in Cancer, but it also can contribute to covert activities. It will conjunct with the USA Sun August 3. There is a bit of action at this time with Jupiter opposing Pluto. This is powerful “stand-off” energies. Pluto is being acted out by the Banks and Big Corporate controls. Jupiter represents the courts. The Sun represents the President and Mars is an activator to this convergence of energy. Monsanto comes to mind as a possible source of problems and a call to activism.

Jupiter is soon to return to its place in the USA chart, which occurs every 12 years. Cancer is the sign of home and family and with that generally includes the idea of security. In 2001, events set the increase and expansion of security measures in motion in ways we haven’t fully been aware of. This new cycle has the added feature of the Uranus-Pluto disrupters. As they become tighter in relation to the National Sun, they bring the increased dynamics of an over-arching control factor. This is exact April 24, 2014. I expect that we will be facing an increase in protection as the summer heats up and people take to the streets.

Uranus is the energy of revolution and a call for change. It is energetically pulsing against Pluto and the power of dominance, control, enforcement, and suppression. The long process began in 1967 when the two planets started their current cycle of interaction. This is now the first quarter point that shows us now what is emerging in the greater consciousness. Then, it was civil rights, and maybe that fight is really not over yet. Women’s rights are still on the firing line. Human rights are a global issue. The next 30 days are going to bubble with many emotional topics, especially mid-month. It is a good time to connect with family and in community. The month of August will be more intense in the issues of freedom versus security.

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