The Tempest of Spring 2013

Abstract fiery lightningIn the last article, Astrology for April and May 2013, the focus was the eclipse series and how these might influence the leader of North Korea, Kim Jon Un. There have been many intense events in the United States in this time, so this article will focus on domestic influences.

The Boston Marathon Bombing and the subsequent killing and capture of the alleged perpetrators of the bombing occurred just a few days before the Eclipse, on April 15 through 20.  The Texas Fertilizer Plant explosion happened April 17, in a small town named West, near Waco. In Monrovia, CA, there was a massive wild fire that burned 175 acres of rolling hills on April 20. There were many stories of fires just at the time that Mars was joining with the Sun in Aries and carrying into the sign, Taurus.

All three eclipses have Mars, the planet of guns, bombs, fires, and military action in close range to the Sun. The Boston events were a horrifying display of these astrological energies being played out. In some respects, it is worrying to also see the exposure of the growing militarized response in domestic Police actions. Eclipses expose what we normally do not see. And, when planets are traveling for a long time under the Sun’s rays, it is sure that there are things going on unbeknownst to the general population in the style of that planet.

It is now half way between the Solar Eclipse on May 9 and the final Lunar Eclipse on May 25. Many events are being revealed / exposed. The White House is becoming increasingly defensive and controlling. The major slow planet aspects are tightening up in their relationships, driving power-plays. The Justice Department impounds phone records from the Associated Press. The Navy successful launches even larger Drones with farther reach and more capacity to destroy in stealth and sovereignty from Navy aircraft carriers.

The planet Jupiter is now conjunct with the USA Mars. This is Jupiter in its detriment, which means that it can over exaggerate the things it signifies, such as Justice, Law, and Honor. Planets in detriment can have negative strength and over compensate. Mars is also in its detriment in Taurus since April 21 until June 1. Mars will remain under the Sun’s beams until June 22. Jupiter will come into the Sun’s rays on May 31. We are going to see more actions from the government as they try to suppress information, and silence truth.

The long-range Pluto-Uranus square has another exact contact on May 20, the day the Sun moves to Gemini. The contrast of over-arching expressions of power in response to any small level of civil disobedience is becoming dangerous. Very minor infractions can now be exaggerated. We hear references to the 1917 Espionage Act being touted in response to citizens speaking out against bad things that they see and document. It is pretty easy these days to be arrested for what you might have seen as the right to organize and the right to free speech, and the right to assemble. In a year from now, the Pluto-Uranus aspect comes into direct contact with the USA Sun and Saturn. Jupiter and Mars will also be involved in a four-way aspect. It looks like a major military takeover of domestic security.

President Obama will be affected by the final eclipse, which will have the Sun on his Moon, and Neptune (deception) will be square. Uranus trines his Sun, and Jupiter will square his Mars. These influences might be stirring up trouble in his private life, but they are definitely a problem for his administration of government. There are several scandals rising up now and June will show us more of what has been brewing through these last two months. Don’t expect milder events until we weather more storms in this hot and steamy display of extreme planetary activities. It is a history making time.