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The Finale of 2013

Historically, the last two times that Saturn transited Scorpio, 1954 and 1983, there were very dark and deadly events.

Revelations in the Fall Eclipse Season

There is currently a prelude to a longer conversation about resources versus profits. The topic of Climate Change has broad global reach of influence. I think we might see the interaction between the planets Venus and Mars as being relative to the dynamics of this conversation at an international level. Venus represents values, and the generation of life, health and wealth. Mars represents action, effort, and the dynamics of force, cutting away, and aggression.

Summer 2009

The Full Moon on June 7 will bring an emphasis to women’s issues. This may support the confirmation of Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court. She is getting powerful influences from Pluto to her personal planets, which challenges her to reach for greater power and influence.