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Revelations in the Fall Eclipse Season

There is currently a prelude to a longer conversation about resources versus profits. The topic of Climate Change has broad global reach of influence. I think we might see the interaction between the planets Venus and Mars as being relative to the dynamics of this conversation at an international level. Venus represents values, and the generation of life, health and wealth. Mars represents action, effort, and the dynamics of force, cutting away, and aggression.

It’s Spring!!

This is a good time for gearing up to make personal changes. Physical energy in general is high. You might notice the urge to take a walk, get some exercise and be active. Take this in to account in your business planning. Use the energy as initiative to start new routines. It is a good period for sorting, recycling, and reviewing what you have learned in the winter.

Renewed Time of Action Mid-March

The first half of the month will work better if you tune in to your gut instincts and be attentive to the subtle things going on around you. Socially, it is a great time for connections, networking, and sharing insights on how to get by in tough times. In fact, this is a great time to collaborate with others.

December 2009

Some days it might be easier to stay focused on one’s personal daily business than try to get a clear perspective of the larger world happenings. December 2009 is one month that is easy to keep life more personal with traditions and celebrations. This may not be the year of our biggest and best celebrations, […]

Changes Ahead Initiated in September

As individuals, we need to try to stabilize our lives as much as we can. This may be difficult for some as the energies are quite a lot about upheaval and change. Yet, we may need change to find stability. We might have to let go of long held ideas about how our lives work, if things are not working. Each generational group will be feeling this collective process differently.