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2013 The Emerging Future

The events ahead for 2013 are not the times we always hope are coming, unless you are one who wishes for anarchy. What we can do is build community and take care of each other. We can become strong in taking care of ourselves, like Occupy Sandy did Long Island, NY.

Full Moon March 19, 2011 Exaggerates Unstable Situations

The Full Moon, March 19, occurs in the last degree of Virgo, with the Sun completing its annual circuit and preparing to enter Aries. The Moon is at its nearest approach to the Earth, which increases its visible size and the tidal pull is stronger. The potential for disturbances is very strong. The end of […]

It’s Spring!!

This is a good time for gearing up to make personal changes. Physical energy in general is high. You might notice the urge to take a walk, get some exercise and be active. Take this in to account in your business planning. Use the energy as initiative to start new routines. It is a good period for sorting, recycling, and reviewing what you have learned in the winter.

Mercury’s Retrograde Connections

Over the course of a year, Mercury will travel around the zodiac and link up with the zodiac sign it turned direct in 3 retrograde periods before. It is overlapping its retrograde place from a year before and near the same time. Thus, we can track issues and topics that take time to resolve.

Changes Ahead Initiated in September

As individuals, we need to try to stabilize our lives as much as we can. This may be difficult for some as the energies are quite a lot about upheaval and change. Yet, we may need change to find stability. We might have to let go of long held ideas about how our lives work, if things are not working. Each generational group will be feeling this collective process differently.