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The Finale of 2013

Historically, the last two times that Saturn transited Scorpio, 1954 and 1983, there were very dark and deadly events.

The Tempest of Spring 2013

All three eclipses have Mars, the planet of guns, bombs, fires, and military action in close range to the Sun. The Boston events were a horrifying display of these astrological energies being played out. In some respects, it is worrying to also see the exposure of the growing militarized response in domestic Police actions. Eclipses expose what we normally do not see. And, when planets are traveling for a long time under the Sun’s rays, it is sure that there are things going on unbeknownst to the general population in the style of that planet.

Astrology for April and May 2013

The third eclipse is the lunar in Sagittarius, with the Sun in Gemini. Venus, Mercury, and Jupiter are all clustered in late Gemini. This lunation is across the horizon line of the North Korea chart. This could be a time when the people of North Korea suffer. This situation could be a mild bluster of power, or it could actually erupt into open conflict. The North Korean leader is unstable, young, and has a power trip.

July Eclipse Season Accents the Feminine Archetypes

At this time, astrologically we have strong representation of female archetypes mixed with the prominent outer planets. Symbolically, this brings issues of women and the dynamics of relationships to the forefront. In Iran, the women are courageously showing themselves to be a powerful force for change.