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The Hundred Days and the Building Revolution

Mercury stations direct on May 3rd. This will be a turning point for the political dialogue. Mercury maintains contact to Uranus through May 13 because, at this point in its cycle it has extremely slow motion. This energy gets people excited and builds tension. It’s the energy of demonstrations, strikes, and civil disobedience, requiring greater public protections, like martial law.

Mercury’s Retrograde Connections

Over the course of a year, Mercury will travel around the zodiac and link up with the zodiac sign it turned direct in 3 retrograde periods before. It is overlapping its retrograde place from a year before and near the same time. Thus, we can track issues and topics that take time to resolve.

May’s Mercury Rethinking

Our government is giving a lot of attention to helping the masses that have been to desperately affected by the economic crisis. The imagination and openness toward alternative ways of doing business will steadily begin to develop new businesses and new avenues of income for many people. May is the month to review.