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It’s Spring!!

This is a good time for gearing up to make personal changes. Physical energy in general is high. You might notice the urge to take a walk, get some exercise and be active. Take this in to account in your business planning. Use the energy as initiative to start new routines. It is a good period for sorting, recycling, and reviewing what you have learned in the winter.

Renewed Time of Action Mid-March

The first half of the month will work better if you tune in to your gut instincts and be attentive to the subtle things going on around you. Socially, it is a great time for connections, networking, and sharing insights on how to get by in tough times. In fact, this is a great time to collaborate with others.

December 2008

The end of 2008 is bringing some astounding changes in the world. Sometimes what initially seems bad becomes an improvement of circumstances. We are in a time of several large astrological cycles becoming active simultaneously. The longest cycle is that of Pluto, which is about 248 years. Pluto’s influence is on the collective level and […]

October 2008

There is no reason to expect October to be slow and uneventful, just the opposite. This month will percolate with unprecedented events. The countdown to the election takes center stage, of course. The distractions from this will be the fuzzy math going on between the White House and Wall Street. Wall Street’s meltdown came just […]

September 2008

In ancient times, eclipses presented important forecasting for the king and country. August 1 is the solar eclipse in the kingly sign of Leo and it happens to make important contact to the leader of our nation. The themes produced focus on communication and power. Secrets and surveillance are the secondary elements of this theme […]