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Revelations from Snowden Open Big Can of Worms

The Spring Equinox, March 20, already has a tightening arrangement of four planets facing off in a Grand Cross that fits right on the Sun of the USA chart. The Sun is the representative of a nation’s President or Leader. Saturn represents Congress. Sun and Saturn are tightly in a square aspect, so this transit picture is heating up tensions and bringing more secrets to the surface.

The Tempest of Spring 2013

All three eclipses have Mars, the planet of guns, bombs, fires, and military action in close range to the Sun. The Boston events were a horrifying display of these astrological energies being played out. In some respects, it is worrying to also see the exposure of the growing militarized response in domestic Police actions. Eclipses expose what we normally do not see. And, when planets are traveling for a long time under the Sun’s rays, it is sure that there are things going on unbeknownst to the general population in the style of that planet.

2013 The Emerging Future

The events ahead for 2013 are not the times we always hope are coming, unless you are one who wishes for anarchy. What we can do is build community and take care of each other. We can become strong in taking care of ourselves, like Occupy Sandy did Long Island, NY.

President Obama and the State of the Union 2012

In connection to the Inauguration chart, the current Mars is passing three times over Saturn. If we assign Saturn to represent Congress, as a body, we can expect the continued criticism of the President. The Republican rhetoric in anticipation of the President’s address is they expect the same actions the President has given in the last three years, “more debt, more regulation, more big government.”

Obama the Peace Maker

President Obama has some positive contacts to the horoscope of China that helps him mediate with Chinese leaders and is likely to improve connections over former relations with our country.