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Renewed Time of Action Mid-March

The first half of the month will work better if you tune in to your gut instincts and be attentive to the subtle things going on around you. Socially, it is a great time for connections, networking, and sharing insights on how to get by in tough times. In fact, this is a great time to collaborate with others.

January and February 2009

This year is especially potent for major renovations in foundational structures of business and economy, of systems and departments of governments, and down to personal patterns of responsibility and personal security.

Sirius Star Talk- November 2008

My projection is that Barack Obama wins the Presidency. This lunation has strong contacts to the horoscopes of both Obama and McCain, and to the Vice Presidential candidate’s charts. Senator Biden’s chart suggests he is taking on more responsibility. Sarah Palin’s chart appears to send her home to Alaska. McCain’s chart receives harsh challenge from the slow planets that create this remarkable period. Obama and his family move into the spotlight.

July 2008

America celebrates 222 years of liberty and independence this year. This is a time to review our collective values. The economy is the barometer of collective social self worth. Many people are nervous about the current downward trend of markets. As July begins, we may face some dramatic economic changes. People are looking for new […]

Sirius Star Talk- May 2008

As spring becomes evident across the northern hemisphere, the most pervasive topic is the challenge of economics in the Western world. The American dollar has been shrinking in value and the ripple effect is bringing undeniable attention to sustainability. Real changes in American values are going to mean personal sacrifices and general economic discipline. The […]