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Sirius Star Talk- April 2008

March was a soggy, mushy month for getting any clear sense of direction. After the long period of so many planets in water signs, it will be good to get to dry ground in our thinking and decision-making. The quick planets are moving into Aries, the sign of Spring, and pioneering new things. Certainly, the […]

Sirius Star Talk- March 2008

After the sluggish movement of life energies from November to the end of January, we can finally start to feel the impulses to move ahead. March will be a month of changes. Many of the issues of these past months start to get resolved. This is not to say that you should be impulsive to […]

Sirius Star Talk- February 2008

As we begin the month of February, there are big changes occurring. We all know that this is an election year. The dance is on for influencing the public mind. Candidates are highly visible and working hard to put on a good face and speak in a way that sways voters. We should be listening […]

Sirius Star Talk- January 2008

Looking toward 2008, we can expect the most noticeable change to show in how we become more practical and reserved in our spending and more cautious and skeptical in our planning. We are coming out of a period that has been very fiery, adventurous, free-spirited, and a bit extravagant. There is a deflation about to […]