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Astrology provides a useful perspective on life complete with timing. Used wisely, astrology can answer questions, give meaning to life’s challenges, and a sense of direction when making important choices

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The Holidays and Making the Best of It

December blends the themes of Sagittarius: gregarious and inclusive, with Capricorn: protective and exclusive. The end of the year gives us pause to remember what has been accomplished and what has been lost or sacrificed. There is an undertone of intensity in relationships with Venus’s transiting through Scorpio this month. Scorpio is the sign of detriment for Venus, in the Sign ruled by Mars, who is now in Sagittarius.

Watch Out for Saturn in Pisces

The symbolism of Pisces is two fish attached but swimming in opposite directions. This illustrates how two contradicting themes can be present at the same time.

Pisces is a sign with a reputation for vague communication, slack terminology, fuzzy thinking, propaganda, imagination, dreamy thinking, distortions, suggestive rather than factual verbiage, “gas-lighting.” These are examples of lower vibrations of the Pisces themes. The higher themes of Pisces are of Peace, Love, and Selflessness in service to those in need.

Scorpio Season: Time to Plan for Contingencies

November is Scorpio season. A century ago, this was a time for preparation and preservation. Our society no longer times activities based on agriculture and farming. We think about sport seasons and things important to a society focused on seasonal entertainment. This year, we might want to think more about how we sustain ourselves and take less for granted.

The Season of Political Drama

The shift in Pluto’s direction will be a tipping point of decisions that will bring a flood of disclosures from investigations that bring a change of perspective on issues of power, influence, control, domination of ideas, and the trickle-down effect caused by the involvement by giant corporations and through power collusion among leaders, all Pluto ideas.

Hawaii’s New Challenge to Old Cultures

Hawaii and the Maui Wildfire aftermath is our local focus of attention…,
The tone of the message from government authorities leans toward sympathetic and attentiveness to the problems and the needs of people in distress. While, aside from those statements, there are legislative actions occurring “quietly” that may compromise the rights of the Hawaiian people to hold onto their lands and the reverent recognition of their cultural traditions.

August: A Time for Examining Truth

The New Moon phases this year have occurred in mid-month, giving the light of the Full Moons to the beginning of the calendar month. August 1, the Full Moon in Aquarius, and Sun in Leo, put emphasis on our social lives and the opportunity to offer the best of...

Norma Jean Ream

When times are hard, there is nothing more comforting than the sense of possibilities and awareness of time that a knowledgeable astrologer can provide.

Norma Jean’s work with clients is always individualized to the client’s needs. The depth and breadth of her education and training give her a variety of tools to work with. Her Kepler studies included the cross-cultural exploration of western and Vedic systems, as well as Classical and Hellenistic systems of astrology. Norma Jean continues personal research in the timing techniques of Hellenistic astrology as a special interest. Norma Jean lives with her family on the Hilo side of the Big Island of Hawaii. In this serene tropical environment, Norma Jean works with clients for all over the globe. For her, “location is not a limitation.”

90 Minute Personal Consultation

The purpose of a personal consultation is multi-faceted. The self reflection serves to anchor empowerment in decision making. Using your natal chart as the framework of your life, your strengths and weaknesses are discussed as relative to how you are experiencing life in this moment.

Relationship and Astrological Compatability

A comparison of individual styles will give insight to how any relationship works. Often the struggles between intimate couples comes from a lack of understanding of unspoken expectations. Astrology helps to identify the quality of interactions at various levels of relating. 

Electional Astrology

Planning events that make an important impact on our lives. Events such as marriage, buying property, starting a business, or signing important contracts can benefit form astrological consideration. Classical astrology, particularly that practiced in the middle ages, has specific rules for creating success by choosing appropriate times.

Horary Astrology

From the Medieval period, astrology was used to answer important questions. The rules are very similar to those used in Electional astrology. Some basic things must be said about this work.

The person asking the question must have a real need to know the answer.