Norma Jean Ream

Norma Jean’s work with clients is always individualized to the client’s needs. The depth and breadth of her education and training give her a variety of tools to work with. Her Kepler studies included the cross-cultural exploration of western and Vedic systems, as well as Classical and Hellenistic systems of astrology. Norma Jean continues personal research in the timing techniques of Hellenistic astrology as a special interest. Norma Jean lives with her family on the Hilo side of the Big Island of Hawaii. In this serene tropical environment, Norma Jean works with clients for all over the globe. For her, “location is not a limitation.”

Norma Jean Ream

Norma Jean was born in Kansas City, Missouri. She became interested in astrology as a teen and began to study the subject seriously in 1973. After high school, Norma Jean received training as a medical assistant from Kansas City Business College. She worked in the medical field for five years. The technical and laboratory duties were of special interest.

In 1982, Norma Jean opened a bookstore called Unicorn’s Garden in the Westport district of Kansas City. It was the first “new age” bookstore in the city. Something Norma Jean felt was a great service to the community, offering a wide variety of ways to explore spirituality and related subjects. Astrology classes and consultations were Norma Jean’s special offerings.

The bookstore closed in the fall of 1984 and Norma Jean offered her astrological services full time. For 3 years (1984-87), Norma Jean appeared on “Kansas City Alive” an American Cablevision weekly local magazine show. Her poplar call-in segment gave people quick answers and brief suggestions to current life issues. In this experience Norma Jean began to have greater faith in her blend of astrological knowledge and intuition.

Norma Jean felt the inner call to move to the Big Island of Hawaii in 1988. This relocation gave a new orientation to life. Norma Jean has participated strongly in her local community, serving several terms as Secretary and one term as President to her neighborhood community association. She served as Parent Representative on the School Community Board of Pahoa Elementary school for seven years. She currently serves a similar post for Hawaii Academy of Arts and Sciences, where her children attend high school. Her interest in education and community well-being are a strong impetus to her social and community involvement.

It has always been important to Norma Jean to gain certification of her astrological skills. In 1980, she passed the AFA certification test of the first level. Norma Jean became a member of NCGR and gained the Level 4 certification in 2003. She supports others by offering to proctor tests for Kepler classmates. On October 10, 2004, Norma Jean received her Bachelor’s degree in Astrological Studies from Kepler College of Astrological Arts and Sciences. This four-year program is the first higher academic course to grant a degree in astrological studies since the early 1700’s. Eight women completed this historic program. The Higher Education Board of the state of Washington has approved the Master’s degree program scheduled to begin in September 2005. Norma Jean intends to continue then.