Saturn’s Role in Life and Society

On November 4, Saturn is stationed direct at 0 Pisces. Saturn is relevant to the productivity of business and of government, the stationary position will influence the first week of November with a series of events that conclude activity that has been slowly coming to public awareness. This is a turning point in the process of clearing up government inquiries and decisions that are necessary for functioning. By the first of the year, Saturn will begin forming a positive aspect to Venus in the USA chart, which is about money, currency, and the Treasury. Venus rules the USA Midheaven determining political power in the world.

Saturn represents any type of management of people and systems. Saturn is the tension of supporting structure and maintaining operations. Businesses and governments operate under the influence of Saturn dynamics. We experience more of Saturn’s authoritatively imposed restrictions in our lives when more of the other planets are under its control while transiting in the signs Libra, Capricorn, or Aquarius. Saturn gives orders to the planets in its territories.

Saturn is about structure, order, and responsibilities. It has been retrograding since mid-June, in the sign Pisces, the least structural and most dissolving environment for Saturn. Watery Pisces is inclusive, and without boundaries seeking the path of least resistance, and seeping into every crack, touching all edges of its containment.

In the two-and-a-half-year period that Saturn transits Pisces, people will find it hard to understand or interpret the rules because standards are distorted, and relationships are fluid. Progressing in life can be like finding the path through fun house mirrors.

Saturn themes are about limitations, boundaries, definitions, control, congestion, and blockages. Saturn likes to set limits of possibilities measured against risk factors. We can list Civic Agencies, and legal boundaries of any type under Saturn’s influences. Saturn’s standards are based on the ideal of perfection, projecting judgement and categories. Psychologically, Saturn in the individual’s chart influences how we learn, absorb, and assume the “rules of life” as we have been trained by parents, teachers, and society. Then, it shows how we grow up to continue traditions, or we change things.

Saturn in Pisces is transiting the third house of the USA chart. This is the place of local transportation, communication systems, and people doing business on the neighborhood level. We can assign this house to the type of business of governing by legislation, and creating the Bills that become Laws, and voting as a body to make decisions.

Pisces as Generational Style

The symbolism of Pisces is two fish attached but swimming in opposite directions. This illustrates how two contradicting themes can be present at the same time. Themes of illusion and distorted beliefs can show up and seem like a weakness of character and slack in action, like the hesitation or confusion deciding when to get involved to stop something bad happening.

Pisces is a sign with a reputation for vague communication, slack terminology, fuzzy thinking, propaganda, imagination, dreamy thinking, distortions, suggestive rather than factual verbiage, “gas-lighting.” These are examples of lower vibrations of the Pisces themes. The higher themes of Pisces are of Peace, Love, and Selflessness in service to those in need.

The Last Cycles

Saturn has a 28 to 30-year cycle through the Zodiac. The last time it was in Pisces was from May 23, 1993 to April 8, 1996. Favorite movies of this period were Forest Gump, and the comedy/action movie True Lies. Bill Clinton was President.

On the world stage, South Africa played out the drama of fighting for ending practices of cruelty against a race of people, which brought the end of Apartheid, and came about by the rise of strong positive leadership in Nelson Mandela. 

Mandela was elected April 1994, in South Africa’s first free election. At the same time, the Rwandan Massacre was happening. The United Nations withdrew, and President Bill Clinton resisted sending military aid. The genocide was a race superiority belief between two peoples who shared the same language, culture, and history. “President Bill Clinton later called America’s failure to stop the genocide “the biggest regret” of his administration.”

The cycle before, Saturn transited Pisces from March 26, 1964 to March 4, 1967. This was the most dramatic period of social change of the Twentieth Century. The main topics of attention was the Viet Nam War, orchestrated by Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger. In contrast, was the massive rise of Rock and Roll, changing the music industry dramatically.

Lyndon Johnson was President in those years and through his lies and deceit, he was hated by the time of the 1968 elections. People mobilized to protest the Viet Nam War, the Civil Rights Movement, and Women’s Rights. International relations were unstable in the Middle East. 

It was a time when no one trusted the government. Young people openly distrusted adults over Thirty. (The age of Saturn’s return.) Years later, when the White House tapes were released, it was well documented and illustrated that an American President can say and do anything for power.

The 1960’s and the 1990’s have strong similarities. There are collective needs and rights that are still threatened in ways that have the people divided on what is the truth. So many issues now are threatening our rights to choose, and our future potential for expressing independence, and diversity in ideas and dreams that take a different direction from the Herd. 

Event Examples from Current time

One cruel example summer 2023, was the situations along the Texas border where patrols find it hard to contain and restrict the flow of immigrants crossing from Mexico. Governor Greg Abbott set his agents of authority to employ very nasty invisible restrictors like submerged barbed wire to do harm to trespassing immigrants crossing through the river.

The worst example of a natural disaster so far this year, with Saturn in Pisces was the sudden, unexpected, extreme flood in Libya. Water as a force of nature against crumbling infrastructure and buildings is a wide-spread problem everywhere in the world. We can expect more environmental events until 2025 when Saturn and Neptune both enter hot, dry Aries, suggesting quite different scenarios.

Influences Supporting Saturn in Pisces

It takes the House of Representatives to function properly to fund the military defense and set the budget to run the country. Venus is the planet ruling the Libra Midheaven of the USA chart, and the USA Saturn is there in Libra, its exaltation. This is the underlying influence in the outward character of The United States. It presents as a leadership in diplomacy and refined society.

Venus enters her Libra territory on November 10, until December 4. The 10th house of the chart is the business of the Congress. Saturn is exalted ruler of Libra, and Venus is exalted ruler of Pisces. We have a symbiotic relationship now between these planets by being in each other’s signs. These few weeks can foster agreements and reduce the violence in the world.

While researching history for events of these periods I found the date, January 29, 1996, when President Jacques Chirac announces a “definitive end” to French nuclear weapons testing. The chart for the event has Saturn conjunct with Venus in Pisces. The line-up of planets under Saturn’s rulership, include Mercury 19, Neptune 25 Capricorn, Uranus 1, Sun 8, Mars 16 Aquarius. To encourage this Treaty, the USA made an agreement on the side to share their accumulated test simulation data with France.

Pluto again enters Aquarius on January 22, 2024. Mercury enters Aquarius on February 6. The New Moon in Aquarius is February 9. Uranus at 19 Taurus, will station direct on January 27. Mars and Venus enter Aquarius 2 days apart over Valentine’s Day. Saturn will be leaving the shadow of where it turned retrograde last June, 7 Pisces, moving into new zodiacal territory. Saturn will be the controlling power of this stellium. 

History can vibrate through the cyclic patterns of the planets as they travel the Zodiac. With the sudden October 7, eruption of war in Israel and Gaza, the potential of spreading conflict over the Middle East region is strong. This patterning of Saturn in Pisces can bring more treacherous, unseen difficulties. 

History has shown us that the drive for power and control will have new dimensions with the development of innovative technologies that are coming out. Society always grows and changes in stride with inventions.

Uranus is the planet that has the immense potential to make things better or to destroy and annihilate life. Uranus provides the energy and drive for innovative ideas, technologies, ideologies, adventures beyond the known. In one’s own horoscope, Uranus is the drive to be authentic and completely unique. These are not the qualities that general society wants to encourage. 

Uranus stimulates the drive to resist being suppressed, contained, and defined by societies conventions that make the current coming-of-age generation, willing to create acceptance for unique individualism. 

The generation of 1989 to 1995 have the unique joining of the three outer planets Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune that met in Capricorn. This triple conjunction is a rare 172-year cycle. Saturn is the fastest of the three, so it moved away from the other two by 1991 when it entered Aquarius. 

Saturn is moving toward joining with Neptune as the pair complete the sign of Pisces and make an enormously powerful entrance into 0 Aries, the World Point, on February 20, 2026. The combination of Saturn and Neptune, shift our vision of what reality is. It can be a spiritual upgrade, but it emerges through effort and intention.

One important thing to remember in thinking about the astrology of history is to understand that future is always changing. The social climate of the example event periods called out in this article have shown us how things change with the work of the new generations. It is time for another push toward Peace and Love, collective acceptance, and seeing self in the eyes of others. We might expect a big theme of calling out the truth where we now can see the distortions of the system. We have levels of information and communication like never before. Wave after wave of plasma ejections from the Sun is shifting Earth and Cosmos together. We are expanding our consciousness. We know we are creators. We can stop the wars. We can solve our problems with our hearts and minds in resonance. May there be Peace on Earth.