The Full Moon is on Sunday, the fifth, in robust Leo, a highly social time, emphasizing the energy of playful, childlike enjoyment of life. In Hawaii, February is a beautiful month of mild weather and trade winds, drawing in visitors. This increases the pulse of life in our Puna District.

All the planets are in direct motion, and it gives a sense of being set free and innovative ideas come easily. Mercury the mental planet, finishes its passage through overly responsible Capricorn with a conjunction to Pluto on the 10th, putting an exclamation point on decisions, commitments, and business deals. Mercury enters Aquarius February 12, when we can start to generate the energy of higher possibilities, after it has felt for months that we were held back from fully believing that our next steps are in the right direction.

We are past that awkward phase of the past month when we could hardly get any traction to our plans. People may have been feeling muddled and not thinking and acting clearly. It has been difficult deciding on a direction while feeling stalled and unsure.

This second week we can choose a new course of action with the support of good aspects this week with Venus joining with Neptune for Valentines romance and the Sun joining with Saturn on the 16th, giving us definitive answers. We can start to feel our sense of purpose and our dreams are emerging in our daily lives in positive and hopeful manifestations. Mercury and Jupiter share positive plans and communication options on the 17th. This pair rule two sets of opposing signs, so this aspect is positive for negotiations and fair judgements.

The New Moon is in the first degree of Pisces at Sunset on February 19. This is the fertile time of early planting in Hawaii if you are starting your garden. Planet leafy greens with the Water signs and then fruiting veggies with the Fire signs, followed by root crops under Earth signs. Plant flowers under Air signs.

The last week of February is very fertile, with the Sun in Pisces and the Moon in Taurus, making a series of aspects that spark making choices with a brighter feeling of opening into a better time to see our way forward. Venus has moved into Aries to join with Jupiter as we end the month and move into March.

The two benefics are influenced by Mars finishing its passage through Gemini direct and increasing in speed. While Gemini is Mercury’s double-bodied sign, we have multiple options or directions in making choices. Venus generally is choosing for the heart’s desires, and for comforts and happiness. Jupiter takes the high road and supports expansive and courageous actions.

We end the month with double water February 28 through March 3, with the Sun in Pisces and the Moon in Cancer. This is a receptive time for healing herbs, fertility is strong, and a suitable time for lymphatic cleanses to relieve the body of its winter overload.

Spring is coming. We feel it physically and emotionally. March will have impactful planetary changes. Hold your vision for the future as if it is already here. We are manifesting our dreams into reality.