On August 30, the Full Moon is in Pisces opposing the Sun in Virgo, just as the public attention is
growing and questioning the Land vs Water topics for the September themes. There are seven planets in their retrograde phases during this end of summer season. Planets retracing their paths are underscoring the emphasis of that Zodiac field for greater discovery attention to the matters of that zone and the process toward the outcome.

Saturn, planet of authority, rules and regulations, control, limitations, and boundaries, began its two-and-a-half-year passage through Pisces last March 7, 2023. Pisces is the last Water sign of the Zodiac, which is the most inclusive and relative to water in all forms, including vapor and fog, which can obscure. Saturn in Pisces can suspend boundaries, change rules in obscure ways and be a very chameleon-like element to what is happening. Saturn is the ruler of the Earth sign Capricorn, where Pluto is making its last retrograde pass through the last 3 degrees. Pluto represents Oligarch power, and the Too Big, Too Important to be visible, having the influence to shift life for Everyone. The ONE making the call on big decisions affecting the community.

Add Neptune, ruler of Oceans and all water sources and water pathways, is also retrograde in the late degrees of Pisces. Neptune is associated with ideals and illusions, blind faith, deception, hopefulness, and helplessness. The webbed aspect pattern of the slow-outer planets to each other and tying in the faster planets in opposing signs give us a series of structures to sort out.

The final outer planet in this pattern is Uranus holding its place this month, having turned retrograde on August 28, at 23 degrees Taurus. Uranus is the planet of sudden, unexpected, explosive, and chaotic events, as well as earth changes like earthquakes, and eruptions.
Uranus is also associated with themes of freedom, independence, individuality, and authenticity. When Uranus participates in the planetary mix, the new, unique, and mind-changing themes become prominent in society. Uranian times challenge the old standards of lifestyle and socially accepted behaviors and bring out resistance and disobedience.

Hawaii and the Maui Wildfire aftermath is our local focus of attention. At the national level there are other communities with trauma and distress. Flooding, tornados, and other wildfire areas, along with soaring heat across the whole mainland USA, is causing a general state of alert and challenge to protect area resources, responsibilities, and rights versus restrictions and controls.
The tone of the message from government authorities leans toward sympathetic and attentiveness to the problems and the needs of people in distress. While, aside from those statements, there are legislative actions occurring “quietly” that may compromise the rights of the Hawaiian people to hold onto their lands and the reverent recognition of their cultural traditions.

The strongest energy of the month is from the planet Mercury, retracing its path through its own sign, Virgo, with themes of examining details, investigations, contestations, analysis of events, revelations of questionable information, and the challenge of people to come to agreement in all the various fields of attention-grabbing events.

On September 1, Mars, planet of accusations, anger, and frustration, in the first degrees of Libra, sign of relationships, partners, and legal matters, already makes a contentious aspect to Saturn, representing the authorities: Police, Judges, and persons-in-charge. These signs have no common ground and require adjustments and compromises to navigate the challenges showing up in conflicting topics, in local and national arenas, for people in general, as well as prominent figures. A general feeling of progress held back, information concealed, or denied, is a strong frustrating theme in this Full Moon phase of the month.

Mercury and Jupiter rule two sets of opposite signs that are at right angle to each other. Mercury focuses on the tiny details, itemization, and micro-management. Jupiter rules the big picture themes, grander plans, the greater ideals, and the seeking of higher truth in laws and philosophies of life.  Both planets will be retrograde, focusing on finding answers to questions about what happened and how to fix it. The harmonious aspect joins them in mutual pursuit of results that will calm frustrations and bring opportunities for the problems facing the resilient people of Maui Island. This first contact September 4 begins a round of discussions, deliberations, and negotiations. The second contact with both in direct motion on September 24, suggests coming to positive conclusions and agreements by the end of the month.

Venus stations direct and holds a challenging aspect to Jupiter all month. This aspect will help to bring action to compiling factual details on values, ownership, rights, and will support the true rights of the people and account for their losses. Not just the land, but also the people, families, community foundation. Venus is now a morning Star, seen in ancient cultures as a warrior for peace, family, and women’s affairs. Venus rules the signs that Jupiter and Mars are now traveling. They are actors in her causes. Venus is informing Mars, the energy of drive and passion we see in the people working to support survivors and strengthen alliances in nursing the community in moving forward.

The Sun, representing leadership, joins with a supportive aspect to Jupiter on September 8. The Moon will be in Cancer and the weekend will be great for families and people coming together in happy supportive events that can rally the people and uplift spirits. The New Moon in Virgo sets the theme for the lunar month to bring greater focus to improving health matters, and communication issues, more disclosure and better understanding of discoveries made over the six weeks since the Lahaina Fire. Mercury stations direct on the 15th. This always starts the flow of
information, providing details of decisions, compilations of data and investigations. Not only on Maui, but in general life large and small. 

From mid-September to the end of the month three main aspects will blend. Mercury’s second trine to Jupiter, and the Sun in opposition to Neptune, and the third quarter Moon in Sagittarius will all converge over the 15th to 24th. This combination could bring forward new proposals. This will give us a sense of new direction and purpose.  Libra is not Mars’ best sign. Mars can get antagonistic and challenging of authority. Mars rules labor and workforce. During Mars’ transit of Libra, we can see more stressful action in Labor and Union strikes.

On September 30, under the Full Moon in Aries, (Mars’ rulership) there could be something that becomes an exaggerated event of demonstrations and potentially violent clashes between authority and demonstrators. Uranus, planet of revolution, is getting a contentious aspect from Mars and a supportive trine aspect from Mercury, representing the speakers who initiate the activity.  We will have a dramatic entrance to the month of October with five important aspects through the first week that build up tension, struggle, and confusion. New attempts to suppress the freedom of the people will cause more response than authorities expect. Eclipse season coming in October.

Take care of each other and be cautious.