The Fall Eclipse Season has been immensely powerful behind the drama that came about in October.  The Aries—Libra are not easy energies. They represent the polarity of Self and Other. October’s Lunar Eclipse on October 28 was the last of the Taurus/Scorpio eclipses for 9 more years.

There is a theme of gain and loss, value, and cost. The events and their outcomes give clues to what people need to survive going forward because of the war that manifested with the Solar Eclipse. The mixture of themes is relative to cleaning up and resurrecting relationships.

Caring and sharing is a positive theme to apply to the Full Moon Eclipse in Taurus, with Jupiter there meet with the Moon in its sign of exaltation. Moon/Jupiter bring out hope and possibility of making peace agreements and allowing the movement of aide, food, and water where needed.

Jupiter is the planet of Truth, Justice, and higher mind, and reverence for Life. It is currently retrograde until the last day of December 2023. Its station direct will be on the same degree as this Lunar Eclipse, 5 Taurus. Thus, the current events of early November will resonate into the New Year. This suggests hopeful shifts in the patterns of life by the recognition of the impermanence of nature and the need for adjustments and preparation for contingencies to support the greater good of the community and the country.

November is Scorpio season. A century ago, this was a time for preparation and preservation. Our society no longer times activities based on agriculture and farming. We think about sport seasons and things important to a society focused on seasonal entertainment. This year, we might want to think more about how we sustain ourselves and take less for granted.

We have a set of oppositions in the sky to start the month. Mars and Mercury begin the month traveling together under the Sun’s beams in Scorpio, suggesting that debate, discussion, and strategic planning is going on in closed meetings. Scorpio is secretive and private. They oppose first Jupiter and then Uranus in Taurus. It is time to get Congress back to the business of directing the money of the country. Remember they only paused on the budget questions.

Saturn will station direct on the 4th of November. This will move business forward. Saturn represents management and executive decisions. However, it is not the clearest sense of leadership in the sign Pisces. It signals a need for help or teamwork.

There is more potential for agreements and positive outcomes through the second week when Venus makes a positive aspect with Pluto before it enters its own sign of Libra. Venus is the factor that makes agreement and sees that everyone gets what they need. The various Union strikes are examples of the kind of debate and negotiations that are going on in different industries, Entertainment, Hospitality, and Auto production. Venus is a strong collaborator for Saturn. We might see things improve and agreements reached by the New Moon.

Mercury enters Sagittarius on November 11 through the end of the month. Sagittarius energy is inclusive and tells a big story. It can spread a message of optimism and propaganda that soothes the rising tensions of the public facing the holiday season with so many workers on strike. While Jupiter is retrograde, spending will be tight, and people feel forced to be more inventive and resourceful.

Mars spends the month in Scorpio in tight conjunction with the Sun, making this a suitable time for self-reflection, personal reorganization, and goal setting. The New Moon in Scorpio on November 13 is conjunct Mars and in opposition to Uranus. This energy is potentially explosive and shocking. Scorpio is a sign of secrets, of things hidden in the deep, financial corruption and power with far-reach and high influence. Uranus is the Awakener! It rules Revolution, revolt, and chaos. This could be when even more disturbing news comes out that may undermine the steady running of the government.

As the Sun finishes Scorpio, the President celebrates his 81st birthday, November 20. Mars is conjunct the Sun which may show Mr. Biden in a fighting mood this year. The Sun and Mars cross the President’s Ascendent with the Full Moon on November 27, with a challenging square to Saturn in Pisces. He will put on his Commander in Chief hat, trying to maintain his status as world leader. Health could be another influence on his year ahead.

Weatherwise, the last week of November could see a major Winter storm debilitating travel across the nation.