Innovation and New Beginnings for USA

Innovation and New Beginnings for USA

The Spring Equinox on Mar 20, 2022, marked by the Sun entering the sign Aries is the primary astrological indicator of the year. We look hopefully for new beginnings after two years of life being full of collective fear, separation, and limitations. We have the continuation of some issues while new developments come to center stage.

The annual chart set for Washington, DC does suggest that President Biden has an influential position, yet he will not be the strongest figure in decisions. International relationships take top priority in the global arena. The USA is not alone in negotiating for peace. A clustering of planets near the Sun represents a combination of symbols as a Council of the most unified group of leaders who are the beneficiaries of resources, covertly gathered under the Sun’s beams for a meeting to set goals for the year. Their agreements can yield opportunities to improve situations for the people of America, using “SAFETY” again and the promo code.

The United States is having the first return of the longest planet cycle, Pluto coming back to the point it was at the time of the Declaration of Independence. History marked that time as Revolutionary, establishing new democracy as the form of government of people wanting independence and personal freedom. This long cycle is relatively the length of life of empires, 245-6 years.

New long cycles bring attention to long-time issues either by repetition or challenge. This year the US is challenged to develop economic growth and expansion for the working class who have suffered so much from the health crisis through loss of jobs, industry, and shutdowns of small businesses. Without a serious focus on helping Main Street, there will be greater tensions in the public by the end of summer and going into the election.

The Autumnal Equinox will complete the end of the year picture, which I will cover in a later article.

Spring lifts our spirits and helps us clarify our desires for the year’s intentions. This year has a special conjoining of planets in the water sign, Pisces by Jupiter, and the very slow Neptune. They conclude a 166-year cycle.

The long cycle of Neptune resonates themes around the ownership and capture of unseen resources, such as coal and petroleum. In the late 19th century Russia was the primary source of coal and eventually, oil for the world’s fuel needs. The extraction and exploitation of petroleum has always been a focus in this Russian-Eastern European area of the world where the abundance of natural resources and fertile fields is also important cross-roads for transportation and trade.

The Crimean War was ended by the Paris Treaty of July 1856, signed by the Empire of Russia, France, the United Kingdom, the Ottoman Empire and Sardinia. This Treaty was made shortly after the last Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Pisces. Jupiter and Neptune are connected to Peace agreements. Just as they are connected to the building of Corporation Empires.

This period was also the California Gold Rush. Mining was on the rise everywhere. It was the beginning of the Industrial Revolution and gas lighting, machine works, and the migration from feudal farming to factory working. Everybody was re-inventing themselves. People as workers, young and old, were a commodity. Parents even sold children, influenced by the Jupiter/Neptune in Pisces collective theme ideal of “a better life.” Orphan trains spread children far and wide in America only to become indentured slaves in many cases.

We all know that propaganda is embedded in everything. Subliminal messaging and the many subtle new ways of culturally and socially influencing our judgment and discernment are almost unidentifiable by the masses. Neptune is the planet of collective dreaming, the ideals that arise from the unconscious and become a part of the waking illusion of reality. Jupiter expands and makes even ideas bigger. That can be a beautiful thing when the focus is for the higher frequency of light and spirituality. There are lower vibration manifestations as well.

Today our ‘data’ is gathered unbeknownst to us as we work or entertain ourselves through the digital gadgets of our 21st century lives. The next Industrial revolution is quickly coming about, and we are already trying to reinvent ourselves, retraining, preparing to grab the security of regular income, which may be more a thing of the past if the Globalist have their way.

Jupiter can represent the Aristocratic order, CEO’s, World-Leader class who may not openly appear to be directing life from on high but are all blended in manufacturing the financial future of the world through the collective lens of Neptune in Pisces; things we idealize, fantasize to be the most glorious, to make movies about, and are often the source of disappointment, and disillusionment. We are attracted to glamorization to make everyday life bearable and ignore how also toxic it is getting to the glamor goal.

Another important feature of the Spring Equinox chart is the Moon which symbolizes the People and the conditions they face. The USA chart with its many planets in Cancer, including the Sun, is strongly ruled by the Moon in Aquarius, the sign of individuality and independent nature. Americans like to innovate, create new businesses, and build teams, and want to be allowed do their own thing.

The 2022 Equinox Moon is in Libra in harmonious connection to the USA Aquarius Moon which indicates a drive and desire for new systems of connecting, community building, and resource sharing. At heart, Americans are self-sufficient and industrious, so we see a trend for home gardens, community markets, and work exchanges and generally relearning basic skills like cooking and taking care of ourselves.

Over the last 30-year Saturn cycle that focused on the Globalization of trade, we saw the loss of American manufacturing and the increase of imported goods, and the wealthiest were secretly building off-shore hidden savings accounts to avoid paying taxes. The middle-class lost the best paying jobs and many have multiple jobs to support their families. Minimum wage in the cities is unlivable. The next shift is going to take us back to building our own and growing our own. Grass roots innovation will again empower America.

The Moon is challenged by a difficult aspect with Pluto: recognized as the greater power of globalization and mass control. The Moon’s function is to gather, include, and protect. Americans protect their families, friends, homes, and their country.  The People are the foundation and force of the nation. Under stress The People rise together. Certainly, WE have been patient in the process of the last few years, but the drive for change is building. The dynamic push and pull of a global health crisis have sharpened the ear to polarizing language. People are thinking more for themselves and finding ways to share and motivate each other. This will shift the direction of government by the end of the year. This is the year of mid-term elections.

Voting rights in some areas are being challenged. This is an underlying and insidious issue that can slip unnoticed until people are personally stopped from voting. We should treat the issue like a cat who should wear a bell. The way these issues happen are often through legislative language and redistricting as electoral boundaries are adjusted for population changes by area.

This comes also from loss of home ownership and economic shifts from the post-Pandemic lifting of foreclosures and evictions. On one hand there is a lot of new real estate on the market, but it is the result of economic insecurity in a large sector of the population. The Moon in the Equinox chart is at the very last degree of Libra, suggesting that we should expect immediate changes to a worsening condition, such as a dramatic financial contraction as it leaves the square to Pluto and applies next to the Sun in aspect of severe adjustment and compromise.

There are dramatic events coming soon. The next Eclipses are Solar April 30 and Total Lunar May 16. These periods always bring disclosures and appearance of surprising revelations.