My December article on my blog, Sirius Star Talk, addressed the issue that even though the White House is talking about creating jobs, there is not going to be a surge of people returning to the regular workforce any time soon.

In an article titled “Brace for a Jobless Decade”, appearing December 28 on Mary Bottari, Director of Center for Media and Democracy, wrote:

“While the stimulus package passed by Congress was big and slowed the pace of job loss, the problem was even bigger. The Economic Policy Institute estimates that the Obama stimulus bill has created or saved between 170,000 and 235,000 jobs per month starting in the second quarter of 2009. Yet, Princeton economist Paul Krugman says that the country would have to produce an additional 300,000 jobs per month for five years to achieve full employment.

Unfortunately, the economy is weak and far from producing such spectacular numbers.  Economist David Levy, says the country faces a new era of chronically high unemployment, averaging 8 percent or more over the next decade. He calls it the “New Abnormal.””

The astrological factors we face going into the next decade are the dynamic phases of several long cycles that historically show theses periods to be about great social and civil changes. For most people who do not track the process of political and economic shifts, this may seem like just a slow down and there is no reference to cycles, or phases of cycles. Yet, the clockwork of the universe operates on links between the faster and slower planets.

The planet with the shortest cycle is Mercury, which is most relative to mental processes, communication factors, and commerce. As Mercury orbits the Sun, it appears to backup in the zodiac periodically. In fact, every three months it retrogrades for about 3 weeks. Over the course of a year, Mercury will travel around the zodiac and link up with the zodiac sign it turned direct in 3 retrograde periods before. It is overlapping its retrograde place from a year before and near the same time. Thus, we can track issues and topics that take time to resolve.

I will use the bank bailout scenario as an example. Just going back to July 2007, right before the housing bubble burst, Mercury retrograded over the USA Sun, Jupiter, and Venus in the sign Cancer. These planets represent our national status, expansive power, and values/resources. The economic risk factors, nationally and globally, were already causing an increase in mortgage foreclosures and bank failures. On August 10, 2007, President Bush declared, “The fundamentals of our economy are strong. … Job creation is strong. Real after-tax wages are on the rise. Inflation is low.”

The first real shock of the housing collapse came in September 2007. On October 26, 2007, Congress passed The Tax Reduction and Reform Act of 2007. Mercury was retrograde in Scorpio going back into Libra, and the USA 10th house of government business.

One year later, Mercury was retrograde in the same area September 23 to October 15, 2008. Congress created the bailout of the “too big” banks, resulting in the Troubled Asset Relief Plan of $700 billion. Most recently, Mercury was again retrograde through September 2009 in Libra, backing into Virgo and making contact with the slow planets that will become the ‘hot topic’ of 2010. During this phase, Congress again reviewed the TARP plan and its results. When asked by Congress whether the Treasury planned to end TARP at the end of the year, Secretary of Treasury, Tim Geithner replied that it was “important that we not declare victory too soon.” Neil Barofsky, TARP Special Inspector General, said that commercial real estate “might be the next proverbial shoe to drop, threatening to increase the pressure on banks and small business alike yet again.”

On December 26, Mercury turned retrograde in Capricorn and the 2nd house of the USA chart. The 2nd is the house of finances and resources. Mercury will turn direct on January 15, 2010 at 5 degrees Capricorn. This is important because this is the degree where powerful Pluto will also turn retrograde on April 6. This is the degree opposite of the USA Jupiter, the planet of expansion, growth, and opportunity. Pluto brings major dramas. It is known for the power struggles that affect the masses, for causing upheaval and devastation. As an example of Pluto’s influence in creating major changes, it was on the Ascendant of the USA chart when the 9/11 attack occurred. It has since made the word “terror” a common word used by governments to employ control over the masses.

Mercury is relative to the minor things like travel, standing in lines, and having proper documentation. This phase of Mercury’s retrograde travel has already shown us heightened security measures, delaying travel and slowing down progress through lines. This may seem minor to some people. We do take it in stride. However, as we move into 2010 we will see more evidence of tighter controls, increased “security”, and more reasons to be detained.

We can keep our focus on the little things the Mercury retrograde gives us, lost items, miscommunication, and poor decisions. We can make the most of the retrograde period by reviewing things before we put them in the mail, reorganizing the office to regain productivity, and cleaning out clutter in general.

Let us also keep a focus on government policies and pay attention to our shrinking personal freedom. We are in the closing phase of Pluto’s large cycle of 248 years in relation to our government. If you review pre-Constitutional history, you will find that much of the struggle for independence was the result of the financial debt created by war and taxation without representation. The current financial crisis of the United States and the rest of the world could be just the beginning of a new revolution.