The entrance into June has the Moon being a trigger to make us aware of the global squeeze on consolidation of power by the ageing elites who have recently been discussing and deciding the future of our world. April and May had potent eclipses which initiate changes that manifest in the shifts in worldly powers of governments and social dynamics of a changing economic structure.
The past month of May was busy with meetings between the world’s leaders, mostly unelected Bankers, corporate financial executives, and influential oligarchs. This shows us an example of the combination of this year’s most important planetary combination of Jupiter in square aspect to Pluto, the power dynamic of ruling the world and convincing the people of their plans.
Then, on June 1, Jupiter joins the North Node in Taurus, which is rare contact. The last time was in 1929, a turning point year in America’s economic history. On June 3, Mercury joins with Uranus also in Taurus this has the influence of surprising, or even shocking news of discovery or innovative technology. Taurus is a sign associated with values, prices, food, security, positive developments. The planet Venus rules Taurus and is joining the tension cross of planets as it leaves Cancer and enters Leo. It stands two days in opposition to Pluto. This suggests a tightening up of economic markets.
The Full Moon on June 3 is in Sagittarius, lightens the energy on the personal level. This time also has a hopeful, wishful, energy as Venus is in a magical aspect to Neptune in Pisces, and both trine the local Ascendant at the time of the Full Moon, at 5:41 PM. Moon-rise should be spectacular with Venus, near Mars are both bright and visible in the Western sky through the evening. This is a great weekend to have gatherings where neighbors and friends can chat, share goals and communal ideas.
On the sixth, Mercury, the communication, and idea planet joins with Uranus, the revolutionary, the awakener, planet of discovery, and invention, and we should stand by for radical changes, surprising revelations, and an opening to greater understandings. This is good news. It may also be revealing truths that the public should know about. It is a good period to collaborate and start something that supports the local community economically, socially, and politically.
Venus enters Leo, sign of leadership, dynamic self-worth is a quality of the power of attraction and of bringing people together. Venus is ruler of Taurus, and Libra, will be slow in Leo, staying until October 10. It will turn retrograde at 28 degrees Leo on July 23, in conjunction with the fixed star Regulus for 10 days. Regulus is known as the King-maker star. Through the weeks of direct motion in Leo, Venus will come just short of conjunction with Mars. These planets are the of as the cosmic lovers. They are planets of sexuality, fertility, male and female counterparts. (Their last conjunction was at 0 Aquarius on March 7, 2022.)
Mars is moving faster, and Venus slows to retrograde, so their meeting is incomplete, but suggestive of love growing, of life being fertile ground for innovative ideas for doing things ourselves, with less dependence on government systems. Venus retrograde period is often reviewing values of the past, or companions and lovers of the past. We soak up the positive love vibes and remember to hold them dear. Individually, this summer is ripe for new projects and for new inspired leadership. Build up your social courage and get involved in your community.
On June 11, Pluto retrogrades back into the last three degrees of Capricorn by October 11, turning direct and completing its final contact to its place in the USA chart. Then, Pluto finishes its Capricorn transit and finally entering Aquarius for its 20-year passage on January 21, 2024.
Mercury enters Gemini, its home sign on June 13 until the 28th. A good deal of added information comes out in this period, disclosure, and exposure of revelations of historical events will give us all something to think about. What does it mean for us all?
On June 17, Saturn, planet of order, structure, and social rules, turns retrograde at 7 Pisces. Saturn holds a pleasant connection with Jupiter at 7 Taurus over the next week. This makes negotiations in business, in personal dynamics and general outlook seem more optimistic and with a sense of offering solid foundation for something that can grow as a supportive relationship of situation.
Also, the 17th is the New Moon at 26 Gemini 43 at sunset in Puna. Mercury, ruler of Gemini is ahead of the Sun and Moon in its Superior phase, oriental and rising before the Sun. It offers news, information, and is in a close square to Saturn, and a close sextile (agreement aspect) to Venus and Mars.
The planet Neptune is square to the New Moon, suggesting that something of the collective dreams and ideals will be evolving into our understanding and beginning to see the manifestation of our creations. There is a good deal of harmony in the next Lunar cycle. It is a fertile time to plant seeds in the ground, but also in our lives in the sense of generating the life you want. Improving your health through being good to yourself and taking care of your emotional self as well as your outer persona.
Be a bit more cautious in driving, and in physical activities that are risky. Mars will square Uranus on the 25th. This can be a difficult aspect leading to accidents, violent reactions, even life-threatening unexpected situations. Both are in Fixed signs are like a forceful challenge between two forces that are unyielding. Also, Mercury finishing its travel in Gemini squares Neptune, and illusion and reality have and argument. Watch out for heavy conversations that are likely to be deflecting with lies and deception.
Leave the argument for a better day, like the 28th when Venus and Chiron are trine. Also, Sun and Saturn are in total agreement. The rest of the week has much better potential for agreements, making plans, and gaining consensus in group situations. Its much easier to complete a deal, sell things, and lay ground for future projects. Teamwork is smooth and agreeable. This is a growing phase of the lunar cycle, so things move more quickly, and it is a vibrant season. The next Full Moon is July 3.