Collective Dreams are a Process of Individuation


The world is in a collective shift of greater wakening on a spiritual level that is cracking open the individual to personal responsibility to participate to the highest potential of one’s beingness. This is not exactly the Age of Aquarius, but it is a time of the power of individual consciousness to have influence in the direction and flow of the collective.

The cycle of the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in the sign Pisces is a 166-year process of human development and atonement in frequency that blends creative mental intelligence with higher resonance Heart-centered intelligence. The pair of higher consciousness planets meet every 13 years, connecting in each of the twelve signs.

The last Pisces conjunction was in February of 1856. Jupiter made only one conjunction and moved right into Aries. Pisces emphasizes the All. Aries emphasizes the Self-I. The conjunction in our lives is an initiation into carrying the sense of Union and Oneness with Humanity into the future by initiation into holding that reality while opening to the singularity of being on your own and courageously responding to the experience of Self-Other.

Jupiter is the expansive and inclusive principle. We see its influence in words of inspiration that bond groups in brotherhood, and in social functions that guide life in intellectual, philosophical, and religious growth. The developmental process of each sign is heightened by the conjunction with Neptune in each sign.

Dane Rudhyar said, “the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction is the high-point of Neptune’s stay in a given Sign… It reveals the urge to transcend all forms of social or religious consciousness, as it is expressed in organized groups, cultural traditions, and institutions. Giving humanity a basic rhythm of and describes its urge toward transcendence.”[i]

Over the last cycle, of Jupiter’s periodic conjunctions with Neptune, society has grown in improving human rights, becoming more inclusive, becoming more compassionate and humanitarian. Spiritually and philosophically religious groups have become more open and accepting of differences. Still, we are evolving in these ways toward a peaceful world. Neptune quality is the ideal, the dream, merger with higher realms. It is also the lack of that ideal, the hidden or masked, the loss of light or idealism. We see the mixture of both as trends in society now.

This cycle pair open us up through suffering and sacrifice because the pattern follows the challenges and changes overlapping and interacting with other planetary cycles and their influences. Jupiter-Neptune often brings illness, financial and banking fluctuations, and fractures in international relationships. Jupiter exaggerates and magnifies. Neptune can be illusions.

2020 gave us seven planetary conjunctions, with the powerful Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn leading the way as a pillar cycle of government and politics focused on influence/control over social order, protectionist extremes, and “divide and conquer” policies. This cycle is 45 years. The last conjunction was in 1982, in Libra.

Jupiter had three conjunctions with Pluto due to retrograde phases. Jupiter/Pluto can be relative to events and situations providing apparent appropriate reasons that expand power in ways that seems to suggest good, but becomes authoritative Plutocratic power of all kinds, political, financial, mental, material, and spiritual. The pair is relative to the spread of contagious diseases, even pandemics.

The combination of powerful cycles culmination has measurable effects on financial, political, and social dynamics of these 2 years that caused both separation and bonding in differing ways within society-at-large. Broad-leveled Propaganda is another theme of Jupiter/Pluto leading to the potential of Mass Psychosis.

Mars was also a factor in the 2020 topics punctuated by it making conjunctions with each of the outer planets. Mars is a carrier influence of taking an idea or theme from its contact with one planet, on to the next one it touches, like carrying a torch. Mars spreads, infests, incites, stirs, stimulates, causes trouble in a variety of ways. Mars had a conjunction with Jupiter, then Saturn and then Pluto in the first days of the Pandemic in America the week of March 19 to 31, 2020. Mars made conjunction with Neptune in Pisces June 13, 2020, the second wave of Covid 19, but also the promise of vaccines. During June 2020, the various pharmaceutical companies were busy making big deals to produce the new vaccines, which has become a Billion-dollar industry. The vaccine mandated soon became commonly known and “the Jab,” very Mars/Neptune.

At the Winter Solstice 2020, the world had become increasingly restless from the fear of death, masks, lock-downs, and general restrictions of normal social and economic by-products or this global social event. There was a last major planetary conjunction of Jupiter/Saturn at 0 degrees Aquarius. Since ancient time, the pair have been seen as major timekeepers by their cycles which build cities, societies, businesses, and bring about the manifestation of the collective ideals (Jupiter/Neptune) into concrete material form and structures.

Governments quickly initiated the theme of social responsibility on to the individual to conform and consent to the authoritative social control of disease. It became everyone’s social duty to stay in compliance with CDC directives.

This conjunction establishes a 242-year long cycle of the pair meeting every 20 years in signs of the same element. This conjunction ends the prolonged period of the Earth element, which was about materialism, boundaries, protection of valuables versus people.

Air allows things to arise. Like ideas that inspire individuality, new systems and inventions in all fields of intelligent pursuit and social developments that serve humanity.

Saturn/Neptune cycles are about building societies that work ideally for the benefit of all. The pair are relative to the development and establishment of political changes and reforms. The development of socialism is a theme that both Jupiter and Saturn participate in with Neptune. The next Saturn/Neptune conjunction will be February 20, 2026 at 0 Aries.

Mars made the conjunction with Uranus, the revolutionary, on January 6, 2021. That was the day that US Congress was voting to ratify the Election of Joe Biden. This brought out the unhappy voters who rejected the outcome of the vote of the Electoral College under the accusations of Election Fraud. People stormed the Capital Building and sent the politicians into hiding for their safety.Politicians called the event an Insurrection. Investigations continue in 2022 into who’s voices incited the angry mob.

I should add that one of the other aspects in this time was the exact Saturn square to Uranus. This is the closing square of the Saturn-Uranus cycle, which started January 13, 1988, at 29 Sagittarius 55’. They both immediately entered Capricorn to conjunct with Neptune. Saturn/Neptune in March, June, and November 1989. Uranus/Neptune in February, August, and October 1993. During 1991, Jupiter opposed all three outer planets. The Berlin Wall came down on November 9, 1989.

This period of the triple bodies marching in lockstep for these years in Capricorn was a period of war, terrorism, and extension of Government reach, and a growing plan of Globalization through trade agreements and aid to developing countries. The World Trade Order began on January 1, 1995, in Geneva, Switzerland, with the intention to “open trade for the benefit of all”. This horoscope features a New Moon in Capricorn with Mercury (maker of deals) conjunct Neptune and Uranus. Jupiter had just made a conjunction with Pluto in Scorpio, suggesting “protection” in international debt and exploitation of resources. The World was up for commercialization.

The previous conjunctions of Jupiter with Neptune were in 2009. That year, Jupiter had three conjunctions to Neptune at 26 Aquarius, in May, July, and December. We remember the housing market bubble crash, leading to a historical economic crisis. Saturn at that time was in the sign Virgo and transiting over the Neptune of the USA horoscope. The government bailed out the oil industry and all of its components. Restitution for the Foreclosure rip-off of residential homes only cost the banks a little money, which they could afford. Remember, this was a massive transfer of American Family wealth.

It is interesting that Saturn is now hovering around 25 Aquarius, near the degree of the USA Moon (27), re-stimulating the residue of the last Jupiter/Neptune cycle that dashed hopes for a home and sense of security.

In the world today, Ukraine and twenty-seven other places are making war currently and hundreds of thousands of people are forced into homelessness, hunger, stark circumstances, and left to the good will of others, aid from person to person. Oligarchic practices absorb the wealth of the world and make war so that the rich can continue their gluttony and people of the earth suffer slavery of one form or another.

Those old ways of entrapment of humanity by lies and coverups are coming into the light as Truth of the pandemic and vaccines are revealed and the collective wakes up to the mixed messages of the globalist and their agenda. It is happening. Today’s connected world knows, sees, and understands in a way the surf-society of 1856 could not know.

In this decade of 2020’s, humanity has the greater potential of growth and development toward a better future. It comes about with the connections of individuals and groups supporting changes in enlightened ways, not War. We are initiating a shift in the old practices of how we live on a global level that has nothing to do with control over each other. Within the change in basic assumptions from Earth to Air element, collectively we are lightening up. The theme shifts the focus of values from materialism to humanism.

Increasingly, people are self-healing through living in ways that address personal inner peace and well-being. Meditation, individually and in groups at regular times gives a resonance and frequency that lifts the collective without effort or force. In this way we change the world with our vibrations, outlook, and material actions.

There are Peace Summits occurring that bring international groups of people together in mutual respect to discuss how to bring about lasting real peace. Let us trust the process of growth and enlightenment for the world we envision.

We can change the world by individual pursuit of personal growth, sustainable living, and developing new economic systems that support spiritual advancement and peace among nations.

Stay Free. Let us end all wars.


[i] Cycles of Becoming, Ruperti, Alexander, 1978, CRCS Publications, p. 239


Jupitar/Neptune in Pisces Events of 1856

  • February 18 – the American Party (Know-Nothings) convenes in Philadelphia to nominate its first Presidential Canidate, fomer President Millard Fillmore
  • February 22 – 1st National meeting of Republican Party
  • March 3 – Treaty of Paris – The Russian Empire, the Ottoman Empire, Great Britain, France and the Kingdom of Sardinia sign the Treaty of Paris ending the Crimean War
  • March 5 – Georgia becomes 1st state to regulate railroads
  • June 17 – Mormons Leave Iowa City, Iowa and head west for Salt Lake City, Utah
  • November 14 – Gail Borden files patent for technology related to invention of condensed milk 
  • December 9 – Iranian city of Bushehr surrenders to occupying British Forces