The US has had a striking first half of the year. Double standards abound in Congress with duplicitous dealing of arms while calling for Peace. The Military Defense budget well has no bottom.

The chart for the Autumnal Equinox on September 22, 2022, has the planets of power at the top of the wheel based for Washington, DC. Saturn is strong in its own sign Aquarius in the 10th house establishing a reinforcement of the government’s attention on Military Defense budget shown by the strong trine, and ease of flow to Mars, representing the Military and the plan or strategy of defense, and the money to pay for it in the second house.

Mars and Saturn began their cycle at 22 Aquarius on April 4, 2022. The 2-year cycle Mars-Saturn cycle ends April 11, 2024. This current aspect is the waxing, opening phase of increase moving toward the fullness of the cycle, where the evidence of the cycle theme becomes obvious and eruptive in activation. Mars-Saturn cycles set the plan of action, the rules of the game so to speak.

This cycle is authoritative, autocratic, and determined to be primarily, universally inclusive. There is a long-range focus to fulfill through a multifaceted plan of psychological influences; messages of inclusion, idealization, and temptations to entice compliance and voluntarily join-in. Later, advancing to more forceful, intentional, messages like “mandates.”

Pluto stands just past the Midheaven, the place of public presence, reputation, and power. Pluto is the ultimate Archetype of the Globalist (UN-elected) directors of collective population control. The World Economic Forum, NATO alliances, Davos meetings, and G-7 meetings keep a unified plan of government between these allied nations. The United States has been the dominate hegemony, creating the direction of geopolitical developments over the last 30 years. Pluto suggests serious challenges to World security are ahead.

The Ascendant of this chart is a seasonal look at developing situations on American soil, we take in to account the People of the nation and their conditions and sentiments. The Ascendant is 17 Taurus, Uranus rising. Taurus, ruled by Venus in Virgo in the fifth house, blends a message of radical change, an alert to the potential of abrupt disruptions, calling for preparation, conservation, and attention to security, individual and collective, homes and communities.

Venus’ purpose is to gather, harmonize, and find unity. If it is not the plan of governments, it must be the plan at community level. Find your Allies.

Saturn and Uranus are at the peak of their fourth dynamic square aspect and this contact is by degree and not perfected, suggesting there must be a change of strategy. Saturn is beginning to slowly separate from Uranus. The dynamics of this period has shaken the old structures, and new light or awareness comes out of the challenge for Truth, for personal rights, for the dismantling of corrupt, unjust systems and laws.

The under-tow processes that began with the last Presidential Election are creating a Riptide for the Mid-Terms. January 6 Insurrection event and the blocks that continue to destabilize the Balance of Powers of the US Government, is going through a growth/death cycle like the Fall of the Roman Empire.

The Sun entering Libra, season of it is symbolic Fall, is the beginning its travel to the Southern hemisphere. Mercury is retrograde conjunct the Sun marking its Inferior phase of cycle, where results surface from recent inquiry and evoke situations that the public can understand and respond to. Knowing more gives a different perspective.

Venus is in Virgo, Mercury’s sign, and coming into conjunction to the Sun. Venus and Mercury in mutual reception share in the message of this season, which is discernment, finding balance and being in a cooperative dialogue of creating agreements and developing an atmosphere of trust with neighbors.

Venus in opposition to Neptune in Pisces, have the best potential connection to call for Peace. Mercury opposing Jupiter lingers with emphasis on debates and negotiations with both traveling retrograde through September and meeting again mid-October before Jupiter dips back into Pisces, to remind again the field of universal all. People before profit. Love not war.

This is the season of Mid-Term Election campaigning. We can expect to witness sudden shifts of circumstances in the wake of these next two Eclipses. Eclipses can cause energy surges, reversals and disruption of set addenda, plans can go awry.

The Solar eclipse is on October 25 at 2 Scorpio, the Lunar eclipse follows on November 8, Election Day, at 16 Taurus, at the Ascendant of this Libra Ingress, and conjunct Uranus. This is like ringing the Liberty Bell! It brings events into a clearer perspective. Provocative truths will become known.

Knowing that more energetic movement is coming soon in transition of government structures, departments, agencies, a situation that surprises most is likely to occur just as we are closing out this year. Mercury’s next retrograde cycle will be in conjunction with Pluto in late December. This exposes Deep Transformative Realizations and New Truths.