Surprises, disclosures, and new perspectives are themes of May. The month begins with review of topics linked to the last Election and political tug-of-war over topics of gender, women’s rights, and new technologies, such as the emerging field of A.I. as useful or invasion of privacy.

Mercury, planet of ideas, commerce, communication, and transportation, is at the middle phase of its retrograde cycle when it joins with the Sun for a few days and may bring disruption and delays. We can also expect that important decisions of collective importance are being made, agreements solidified, and many competing power plays are active.

Presidential Candidates are declaring themselves, which starts the campaign season with lots of new and old stories of conflicting truths, and falsehoods. Making sense of the reality of the political landscape is challenging. With this being a time of Mercury almost connecting with Uranus, but their joining is delayed by the retrograde, declarations made at this time are unstable and likely to be abandoned or fail to make it to the completion of the goal, due to unforeseen factors.

The second eclipse of the Spring season occurs on May 5th. This Full Moon encounters the planet Uranus, inciting new awareness, as Mercury separates from the Sun, bringing out plans and intentions that may be focused on maintaining a power base that is literally losing influence. The combination gives opportunity for exposing issues that have been buried by the mainstream media narrative.

Some surprising truth bombs can surface that will change the opinion of many voters who have held fast to their belief in their favorite leaders. In the few days following the eclipse, the planetary picture shows a build up of tensions to the USA chart focusing on the Treasury, economic decisions, and the national debt. The US dollar value may be weakening in the international marketplace.

This planetary picture has direct contacts to the USA chart that suggest a very tense time of questionable leadership, and the public opinion is changing quickly with new information that could change the dynamics of our top leadership over the next few weeks.

The planet Jupiter, known for Truth, making things bigger or more dramatic will complete its yearlong passage through Aries, making aspect to transiting Mars, in late Cancer while Mars is also passing over the Mercury of the USA chart. This period could spark investigations into events that have been suppressed or covered up with the current administration.

Truth bombs affecting the trust of the people and the effectiveness of the government in international relationships and in the continued promotion of the Ukraine War. Mercury’s station direct on May 14 likely brings forward information that can lead to changing narrative with global leaders coming to the edge of displaying deadly power. Where are the Peacemakers?

As Jupiter changes signs into Taurus, the sign of values, food security, and currency, the leaning of people in general will be toward conservation and growing desire for stability, and distaste for continuing to fund the proxy war that destroys the resources that feed much of the world.

Jupiter will be in a tight aspect with Pluto as it begins to retrograde back into the last degrees of Capricorn. There is a moment of potential to change direction of the war and the struggle between the leaders of the world, during the middle week of May. Dialogue between nations could turn toward diplomacy, potentially changing the direction of the course of action away from the buildup of power displays that have been in “practice mode” until now.

The New Moon on May 19 has a combination of powerful influences that could calm or incite the global power struggle between US, Russia, and China. Jupiter, Pluto, Mars, and the South Node all have aspects to the similar strong planets of each of these national horoscopes as well as the NATO Treaty. The potential for a new agreement holds benefit for all.

The NATO Treaty came into being with several important planets in the last degree of signs. The 29th degree of any sign is critical and holds to promise of change. I suggest that the global tensions are certainly high enough to have all parties poised to make enormous decisions for the promise of LIFE.

As the Sun moves into Gemini only hours after the New Moon at the last degree of Taurus, the suggestion of negotiations is strong. The last week of May has an easing up of the face off and opens the door for change in direction. Several planetary changes are still in process going into June, so it is not the sudden ending, but an opportunity for a dampening down of hostilities.

On the personal level, this month promotes moving toward harmonizing relationships and acquiring greater community cohesiveness. Joining in fellowship at the local level gives us all a better sense of keeping ourselves informed and aware of how we can sustain our island lifestyle with ease and friendship as the factors of the global picture are beyond our power to change them.